Working With Our Veteran Headhunters In Milwaukee? Follow These Tips For Building A Solid Resume

Here at the Lawler Group, our team of professional headhunters in Milwaukee is often asked a wide range of questions by prospective candidates. What’s one common question often asked by our candidate pool? How can they create a killer resume. It’s a vital question. Our seasoned staff of headhunters in Milwaukee relies on the applicant input found on resumes to help garner attention from hiring managers and, ultimately, land the job.


How To Create A Final Resume That Perfectly Showcases Your Skills And Experience


If you’re ready to work with the Lawler Group’s headhunters in Milwaukee, having a solid resume that highlights your specific strengths and skills is a must. While many applicants find creating their CV a burden, the crew at the Lawler Group understands that resume building can truly prove a straightforward process. When partnering with prospective candidates, we consult with them to help make the resume building experience as convenient and stress-free as possible.


What’s the first suggestion we offer our candidates for building a final resume that commands attention? Know the type of positions you’ll be applying for. Applicants that are unsure of what type of position they are interested in tend to have long, rambling and juxtaposed final resumes. The result? Hiring managers will struggle with seeing how qualified you may be for one specific position. Our headhunters in Milwaukee will work with you to help you really hone in on the type of position you’re looking for so hiring managers know in a glance why you’re a great fit for their company.


Other Tips For Creating A Resume That Leaves A Lasting Impression


Once we’ve determined the type of position you’re looking for, our headhunters in Milwaukee will work with you to flesh out the rest of your resume. Next on our checklist? A list of all relevant job titles as well as your educational and training background. Putting together these major headings for your resume will create a baseline for us to work with as we fill in the rest of your relevant information.


Once we have pinpointed your educational experience and job titles, it’s time to work with our headhunters in Milwaukee to further outline your work experience by filling in any other blanks. A general rule of thumb is to include 2-3 bullets for every relevant job/position you’ve held during your career. When creating your bullets, it’s important to keep in mind other considerations to ensure that the resume reads well and remains cohesive. Using present tense for current job descriptions and past tense for previous work experiences, using bulleted language, and starting each bullet with a verb are just some of the many tips to help your resume deliver punch. Most importantly, when filling in the blanks of your resume, it’s critical to get as specific as possible. Generic language will quickly cloud the hiring waters; using precise language can instantly help set you apart from the crowd as the right candidate for the position.


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