Whether you are looking for a new position or not, executive recruiters in Milwaukee may be interested in you. Certain leadership, administrative, sales, and technical positions are hard to fill and recruiters may reach out to you as potential candidates after seeing your credentials on social media, meeting you, hearing you speak at an event, or after finding your name in a directory. At the Lawler Group, we are always on the lookout for talented professionals who are good matches for present and future positions.

What Type Of Recruiter Are You Working With?

When headhunters reach out, you may be happy in your current situation, amenable to a change, or actively searching. The people who call you may be one of two types of recruiters: internal or external. The internal recruiter represents a particular company, whereas an external recruiter is a third party working for the hiring comanagement recruiter employment opportunitympany. Both have the same goal; finding the right person for the job. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you are working with either type.


Internal recruiters, as employees of the hiring company, are only concerned with openings at their company. Since they are your official contact with the company, they will help you with questions you have, but the hiring decisions and timing are out of their hands. They must coordinate with other departments and levels of management, which can slow down the hiring process. If you reach out to them too much, you might fall out of favor with them and negatively impact your chances of being hired at that company. No matter how friendly they are with you, they are not able to give you much information about hiring delays.


Working With Executive Recruiters

External executive recruiters have their client’s goals in minds, but are eager to connect with new talent. While it is not their job to manage your career search, they may view you as a good match with other opportunities they have. You can be more open with this type of professional about your interests and past experiences. While their first loyalty is to their client, they are happy to work with you to tweak your resume or strategize how you can explain gaps in timing or other issues in your background. If they see you’re a good fit for a position, they can be your advocate.

If the client wants to interview you, an external recruiter can offer you helpful background information, including insights on the company’s particular interest, or their hot buttons, and the company culture. They can also identify who is influential in the hiring process and who makes the decisions. After the meeting, they may share feedback and tell you the reason behind any delays. Most executive recruiters are too busy for a barrage of daily calls, but it is okay to stay in touch during what may be a long process.

Maintain A Long Term Relationship With The Recruiter

Whether you get a particular job or not, the contacts you make with recruiters can have long term value, so you should maintain the relationship. You can connect on LinkedIn and refer accomplished people you know to them. In the future, they may dip into their talent pool and reach out to you again with an outstanding opportunity.


At the Lawler Group, we value talent. Whether you are looking for a position or need a professional to orchestrate a job search for your company, contact us today.