As the global marketplace expands and the Internet creates a smaller virtual world, more and more companies are trying to handle the recruitment, interviewing and hiring of executives and upper level managers on their own. They believe that because their human resources personnel can quickly find hundreds or even thousands of resumes on the Internet, they can also handle every aspect of finding the ideal candidate for their highest-level positions. But HR departments are shrinking in size or disappearing altogether in favour of outsourcing payroll and other functions. Many human resources specialists are taking on other roles as well, severely limiting the time they can spare for conducting job searches. This makes the role of executive recruiters even more important when businesses need to recruit top talent. Here are three very good reasons today’s businesses need the expertise of executive recruiters:


Candidate Pools Are Growing, But The Quality Of Candidates Is Diminishing

It’s simple for someone to log into a career website or visit a job board and type in a few keywords relating to the job they’re hoping to fill, but what do they do with all those resumes that are spit back out at them? You’ll end up with lots of information about who people who only meet some of the necessary criteria and lots of duplicates from website to website. At the Lawler Group, we have our own extensive database of highly qualified candidates and we’re familiar with every one of them. We can quickly put together a list of potential candidates that meet every one of our clients’ specifications, and we can even contact individuals who are currently employed but who would be interested in hearing about what you have to offer. No website can provide that kind of access to qualified, passive job seekers.


Recruiting And Hiring New Executives Is Expensive And Time-Consuming

The cost of hiring executive recruiters quickly pays for itself by eliminating the need for your own human resources employees to play the resume game. They won’t have to sort through the hundreds of worthless resumes to get to the promising ones and they won’t have to put together job descriptions every time an executive position opens ups. They won’t even have to do background checks, because our executive recruiters can do the work for you. We’ve worked in your industry for years and we have a wealth of valuable contacts in private industry, public service and various industry organizations that can be called upon to help us find the one candidate that’s the ideal fit for your executive level job opportunity. Why lose money every day that an executive or management level position goes unfilled when our executive recruiters can quickly fill the position without having to tie up HR or personnel?


Executive Recruiters Minimize Potential Problems

These days it pays to contract with the Lawler Group’s executive recruiters whenever you have a job to be filled simply because we can provide you with valuable candidates without the hassle of potential legal problems or juggling a variety of different commitments. Unlike your own employees, our executive recruiters do one thing only and do it well – they recruit talent for your company. During that process, they’ll handle everything from properly vetting the candidates to performing initial background checks.


There’s no denying that our executive recruiters can make life easier for you and your human resources department in a variety of ways. The next question you need to ask yourself is, “Why doesn’t our company rely on the Lawler Group to fill all of our executive openings?”