Why Should I Work With A Headhunter For My Milwaukee Job Search?

Headhunter MilwaukeeWith so many online job boards, and the ease of posting resumes online for added exposure, many job-seekers are lulled into a false sense of confidence and miss out on some of the best opportunities that might have been available to them, because only 15 percent of jobs are filled through job boards, and many of the best jobs are never posted online.

Think for a moment about how job boards work, from an employer’s point of view. You post a job, then you get hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of resumes in response. A significant percentage of those will come from people who aren’t actually qualified, but thought they’d give it a shot anyway; some of them will find another job before you call them, but not before you spend time reviewing their resume; and others will turn out to be the wrong person for your company. That’s a lot of wasted time and money. Does that seem like something that a smart company who values its employees and pays its people well would choose? You’re right. It’s not.

What’s the alternative for job seekers, then? Working with an experienced headhunter in your industry and region gives you some significant advantages over running the job-board rat race.

  • Find Jobs That Are Never Posted Online – The more education, experience, and specialized training your job requires, the less frequently you’ll find those jobs listed on job boards. It’s a wise financial decision for the hiring companies. Placing the responsibility of finding and screening truly qualified candidates in the hands of a trusted headhunter is an investment that produces strong returns for them. From the job-seekers’ perspective, it’s a promising sign that a prospective employer takes hiring seriously enough to pay a recruiter to find the right person for them, instead of just hiring a few people from a job board and expecting most of them to wash out.
  • Nail Your Interviews – Headhunters tend to build relationships with companies that last for years or decades, so they develop a deep understanding of each company, its culture and goals, and of individual hiring managers within those client companies. When a headhunter sends you to interview with one of their clients, you get the advantage of all that knowledge, so you can walk into those interviews with confidence that no one they meet will be better prepared to impress them. Recruiters earn their living by getting qualified candidates hired, so they’re going to give you every tool they possibly can to help you succeed.
  • No Cost To You – Employers pay the search fees for headhunters, not the job seekers. It may not be immediately obvious how this works to your advantage as a job seeker, beyond cost savings. But, in short, a recruiter isn’t going to risk sending you out on interviews with their client companies, unless you have a realistic chance at being hired. Because companies simply stop calling headhunters who repeatedly send out candidates they don’t find suitable. Recruiters get paid when you get hired, so they put a great deal of effort into helping you get hired.

Headhunters Help Job-Seekers Find The Best Jobs In Milwaukee

The Lawler Group has built decades-long relationships with many of the best employers in Milwaukee. If you’re ready to start looking for a new position, give yourself the advantage of working with a headhunter who can unlock the doors to the most sought-after jobs in our market. Contact us to learn more about working with The Lawler Group on your next job search.