executive recruiters milwaukee

Regardless of whether your Milwaukee business is a “mom and pop” shop or a multinational conglomerate, when your organization is searching for the right candidates for an executive level position, executive recruiters in Milwaukee from the Lawler Group can provide you with the resources and assistance you need to hire an employee who is a good fit for your company. While your human resources department may try to recruit someone without using an outside source, the time consuming chores of seeking candidates, interviewing them and doing background checks will take up valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere. In most cases, outside, third party recruiters in Milwaukee can provide better service and a better outcome for both your company and the new employee for a number of reasons.

National And International Resources

The World Wide Web seems to offer a vast network of qualified candidates through job search sites, resume boards and other online resources, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find top quality candidates using them. So many candidates from so many sites can become a double-edged sword – most human resources personnel don’t have the time to properly interview so many people and vetting them can become an overwhelming task.

Posting an executive position online can result in an avalanche of applications that flood your company and bog the hiring process down. Executive recruiters in Milwaukee can sort through stacks of leads and quickly eliminate those who aren’t a good fit. They can initiate background checks and narrow the list of candidates down to the best matches, minimizing wasted time. Executive recruiters in Milwaukee are also part of a network of industry specialists, including head-hunters, other recruiters, industry groups and additional resources for finding and qualifying excellent leads.

Properly Outlining The Position

Posting a job that simply lists the requirements for the job and a few skills you’d like them to have can be off-putting because it’s just a dry recitation of facts. Our executive recruiters in Milwaukee can help you put together a dynamic, enticing job description instead that will help you woo qualified, experienced executives who are a good fit for your company’s business culture. Defining the position clearly can eliminate poor fits before they apply.

Humanizing The Job Search With Executive Recruiters

An impersonal job description and faceless phone interviews can discourage even the best executives. By working with executive recruiters, Milwaukee based businesses can add a human touch to their job description. Recruiters work closely with each candidate, encouraging them to ask questions and making sure both parties understand the parameters of the job in question. By offering guidance and supporting both individual candidates and hiring companies, recruiters can create an atmosphere of trust and a positive experience for everyone. Executive recruiters can also negotiate contracts, review employee bonus opportunities and interpret them for their candidates so that there are no misunderstandings.

Crafting A Better Executive Package

Many companies are surprised when potential candidates tell them that salary won’t be the deciding factor when an executive level position is considered. In fact, many candidates are hoping for unusual perks that have nothing to do with money. Flex time, job sharing, working from home, health benefits and other considerations will all be addressed properly if you hire an experienced recruiting firm that can help your business put together an attractive hiring package. Because they recruit year round in a number of industries, executive search firms are familiar with what’s typical and what isn’t for most executive hiring packages. If you want to extend an offer that will capture candidates’ attention and keep it, work with a recruiting firm that will help you put together an irresistible offer.

Background Checks That Stand Up To Scrutiny

Vetting several qualified candidates and doing the appropriate background checks with state and federal authorities involves a lot of paperwork and time that your human resources department probably doesn’t have, but this step is a necessary evil in an increasingly litigious world. The Lawler Group’s executive recruiters in Milwaukee work regularly with the right agencies, streamlining background checks, making sure every reference is properly checked, and giving the appropriate tests to every candidate.

When you’re ready to hire an executive to take your organization to the next level of success, hiring executive recruiters in Milwaukee is one of the best investments you can make. Our own executive search firm will be with you every step of the way; from posting the position to seeing that the employment contract is properly executed, freeing your own HR department to address other issues.