When considering Engineering Recruiters in Milwaukee, both the client company and the potential candidate need to know what to look for. Here are some criteria that can help.

It’s Tough For Companies And Candidates In This Market

It’s difficult enough to find a candidate match in this flooded job market. You need an insider to match the perfect engineer with the perfect company. Hiring engineering recruiters in Milwaukee is key for both. However, both the engineer candidate and the potential client company need to know what to look for in a recruiter as well. You both want a situation where the candidate and the company fit together like a hand in a glove.

The Candidate’s Perspective

When a recruiter approaches you, it’s hard to determine if they’re the right match for you. Here are some criteria for candidates to look for in an engineering recruiter.

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A good engineering recruiter should:

Point # 1 Find You A Short List Of Positions

A recruiter should will come up with a short list of positions and deal with the logistics of getting your foot in the door, advocate for you throughout the process, and help you understand your offer, so you don’t have to.

Point # 2 Do Some Of The Interview Scheduling

Exactly as it sounds, a recruiter should speak with the company and set up some of the more pivotal interviews for you. After each interview, the recruiter should advocate for you to figure out what next steps are. He or she should also make sure that you hear back and hopefully get any relevant feedback quickly.

Point # 3 Negotiate The Next Step

Once you get to offer stage, your recruiter should be on hand to provide you with any non-confidential data about salary and industry trends and help you navigate every component of your offer.

The Client Company’s Perspective

It’s equally as difficult for a potential client company to determine what to look for in an engineering recruiter. Here are a few tips to determine if a recruiter is a good match for your company.

A Good engineering recruiter should:

Point # 1 Make Themselves Available To You

Engineering recruiters aren’t just for big companies. If you’re just staring out, you probably don’t have a huge recruiting department. You may not even have a dedicated recruiter at all, which is a big mistake. A good recruiter will make himself or herself available to you and your company.

Point #2 Screen Candidates

Recruiting is more than just sourcing candidates. A recruiter has to screen and send appropriate, hi-quality candidates your way, which isn’t easy. Although there’s some correlation between qualifications and ability, it isn’t the end all and be all. Therefore recruiters need to have a firm idea of a candidate’s technical and engineering ability before pitching him to a company is invaluable. Even with the ability to run a single screen, it’s easier to tell who’s bad over who’s good or exceptional. A recruiter filters out the poor and mediocre candidates, leaving the filtering of the exceptional from just the decent to the company itself.

Point # 3 Decipher Wants Vs. Needs

It’s a recruiter’s job to nail down exactly what the company is looking for. Sometimes, there’s a divide between what a company wants in a candidate and what the client actually needs in a candidate. It is an engineering recruiter’s job to determine what type of candidate a client needs and his or her specific qualifications. Remember, your recruiter is a professional. Sometimes leaving your ego at the door and listening to what his or her assessment is can be the best thing for your company. It can also land you the ideal candidate for a particular position.

Contact us today! The engineering recruiters at the Lawler Group can help you to decipher the right recruiter for both the ideal engineering candidate and excellent opportunities of the client company.