What Qualities Do Recruiters In Milwaukee Look For In A Great Hire?

Just ask a question about what qualities recruiters in Milwaukee look for when sourcing the best candidates for job openings, and the answer you get may not correspond to the reality of the modern job market. The perfect candidate for the job at your company may not be one with a PhD in nuclear physics and 20 years of progressively responsible experience neatly packaged on a well-formatted resume. While job postings may specify desired years of experience, specific degrees, and a list of job-based accomplishments, there are flaws in looking only at candidates who excel on paper and lack some of what is necessary to succeed in modern business and industry.


The goal of recruiting is finding candidates who are a good fit for current job openings, which often means that they must possess certain intangible qualities to succeed that job descriptions and recruitment tools may not capture. Many corporations find themselves in positions where executive performance needs to increase in order to help the company meet its objectives, but industry statistics show that a only small percentage of 10-20% of new executives turn out to be the high performers that they appeared to be.


What Recruiters In Milwaukee May Overlook


These days, an important component of success is “network fit.” A candidate’s credentials on paper do not indicate whether they could pull a team together in a way that helps the company achieve. Every company has a culture and a way of getting things done. Someone who excels in a new environment must quickly adapt to the culture and understand how communication takes place and how works gets done, even if the culture and the way work happens are flawed. Ironically, a person might get hired to change those things, but if they aren’t able to build support among current staff, they are likely to fail.


When a candidate fails to meet expectations, the fault might be in a candidate, the recruiting process, or the infrastructure of the company.


  • The candidate might offer the wrong work style or approach, which is more often the cause of failure than lack of skills. For example, the new engineering manager might be too aggressive in making changes, which erodes support among long-term employees who refuse to cooperate.


  • The recruiters, whether from inside or outside the company, might have asked the wrong questions, or put stock in the wrong thing. Perhaps a company claimed they wanted an innovator and hired one. The recruiting team focused their questions on how the candidate developed a manufacturing system in a former job without enough concern on her people skills or ability to follow through.


  • The company was not prepared to make use of the person’s skills. Case in point: After hiring a top technical guru from a competitor, the company was unwilling to fund new programs, which set the new hire up for limited success.


Assuring Good “Network Fit”


Although there are many reasons why the wrong candidate might be hired, poor network fit is the common denominator in unsuccessful hires, whether an in-house recruiting team or an outside search firm has made this selection. Preventing this from happening requires careful analysis of what the company really needs and what its culture and style are.


The best way to assure that there is a meeting of minds concerning the type of candidates to evaluate and hire is to use qualified recruiters in Milwaukee who will take the time to learn enough about your company to understand the intangible qualities you seek in new hires. A “third-party” from outside the company can often see this more clearly than insiders who are close to it. However, for best results, the search firm should work carefully with the internal hiring staff, who could be a good source of information about a company’s inner dynamics.


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