What Engineering Recruiters In Milwaukee Do Not Want To See

Job searching is hard enough without all the conflicting advice you’re likely to get from all sides. People will tell you that you’re bound to be disqualified if you make such mistakes as using the wrong form of address, typing up your resume in the wrong font, or calling to follow up too many times. Sometimes it seems like hiring managers and engineering recruiters in Milwaukee use some obscure code of behavior to decide who gets the job and who doesn’t.

Fortunately, this is not true. Engineering recruiters in Milwaukee are professionals who are very unlikely to disqualify a candidate because they called the recruiter “Ms. X” when she really prefers “Mrs.” However, there are a few behaviors that will take you out of the running, so read on to learn what you should avoid.

  1. Lying

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Surely you know already that it’s not a good idea to fabricate information that has no basis in reality, such as claiming to have a degree from a school you never attended. But resist the temptation to stretch the truth when it comes to your skills and experience. Engineering recruiters in Milwaukee will check your references to verify the information you give them, so don’t claim to have more experience and responsibility than you actually do. Being caught in a lie is practically guaranteed to take you out of the running.

  1. Rudeness

Obviously it’s important to be polite to the engineering recruiters in Milwaukee who are interviewing you. However, that obligation extends to everyone else in the office as well, right down to the janitorial staff. Being rude to the recruiter’s assistant or the intern who brings you coffee makes a terrible impression. Nobody wants to work with someone who treats their coworkers badly or forgets that each and every employee is valuable to the company. Remember that each and every member of an organization, from the CEO to the cleaning staff, has an important part to play and should be treated with politeness and respect.

  1. Unprofessionalism

When you interview with engineering recruiters in Milwaukee, it’s important to go the extra mile to behave in a professional manner, including your appearance. You don’t have to show up to each interview in an Armani suit, but you should dress appropriately for the job you’re interviewing for and make sure that you are neat and well groomed.

Professionalism is important in communication as well. If you’re still holding on to that email account you created in college with rude or vulgar words in the address, now is a great time to make a new one. Maintain a polite and professional tone in all of your communication with engineering recruiters in Milwaukee. And keep an eye on your language skills as well; a few typos aren’t necessarily going to be a deal-breaker, but if you type in all caps, don’t use punctuation, or constantly misspell words, it’s not going to look good.

Engineering Recruiters In Milwaukee Want To Help You

It’s true that there aren’t many mistakes that will instantly disqualify you for a job, but there are a few things that will make most recruiters and managers put you onto the “No” pile. These are easy to avoid, though. As long as you’re honest, polite, and professional, it won’t ruin your chances if you make a small error in etiquette. After all, engineering recruiters in Milwaukee are here to help you.

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