Using Executive Recruiting Firms In Milwaukee To Find The Best Hires“Life is what happens while you making other plans.” John Lennon said this once, and it resonates among many people who find themselves in the pool of unemployed workers. One day they were making management decisions about personnel and production and the next day they were called in and told they were part of a massive company layoff. They soon find themselves sending resumes and approaching The Lawler Group and other executive recruiting firms in Milwaukee in search of the next opportunity.

More Candidates Who Are Long-Term Unemployed


Recent U.S. employment figures from May 2014 indicate that 6.3% are unemployed, with at least a third of them out of work for six months or more. Fortunately, at least 1 million people considered long-term unemployed were hired in the last year, but the figures do not indicate whether the people involved dropped out of the job market, accepted part-time jobs, started their own business, or agreed to work for less than their last salary.


Being considered among the long-term unemployed stigmatizes some potential job applicants, which is why executive recruiting firms have made it a point to train their people to become more sensitized to the special problems of non-traditional applicants. Being out of work does not signify laziness, lack of skills, or poor networking abilities. Companies that let themselves fall into stereotypical thinking can miss out on very talented people.


Tips From Executive Recruiting Firms In Milwaukee


Since they work with candidates who might have employment gaps in their resumes, executive recruiting firms in Milwaukee offer advice to internal recruiting departments to help them become more open to diverse hires. Here are a few tips.


  • Examine your corporate attitudes. Don’t immediately cast aside resumes with employment gaps or from people who are unemployed or in jobs with lower status and salary than their previous positions. Instead, analyze the skills and experience you see and talk to those who might fit into your company.


  • Review your job ads. Make sure that the language you use in online or newspaper ads does not discourage anyone who might be a good match for your company. Furthermore, if you screen applicants with electronic software, make sure you do not throw out anyone simply on the basis of an employment gap.


  • Get up to speed on recruiting practices for nontraditional candidates. What you might regard as red flags might not be at all; HR refresher courses can expand your corporate horizons about what job applicants might offer.


  • Listen to what the candidate says about his situation. You might be hesitant to hire someone who is overqualified for a low salary since you think they will leave as soon as they can get something better, but they may want a career change or be willing to make a commitment to a new job.


  • When you interview candidates, look at their potential based on their past track record. If you know you’ll have opportunities down the line, consider hiring someone who will be ready to assume the position when it is available.


  • Be creative with your approach. Hiring someone for an interim or temporary position might give you the chance to see what the person can do. You can even attract candidates for high-level positions with the right short-term offer.


If you need help from executive recruiting firms in Milwaukee to find candidates for top positions, contact The Lawler Group. We are experienced in evaluating applicants and will bring you the talent you need.