Trust Industrial Sales Recruiters In Milwaukee To Identify The True Performers

Sourcing and interviewing candidates are time-consuming, but necessary, practices of business operations for many companies. When it comes to hiring sales people, the stakes are raised even more. These aren’t simply employees hired to do a job. These are the stars of the show. Sales personnel can be what makes or breaks the business. Great salespeople will help the business grow. Ineffective salespeople may cause the business to stagnate, or worse, collapse entirely. Choosing the best candidate for a sales job isn’t something to leave to chance.

One of the biggest challenges sales hiring managers face is identifying which candidates will be the standout performers and which will wind up being a waste of time and money. Every sales resume looks the same, “Sales Leader of the Year”, “Salesperson of the Month”, etc. How can you cut through the clutter and make sure you’re choosing a candidate who will actually bring results to your organization?

Some companies are big enough and successful enough that they can afford a hit-and-miss industrial sales recruiters milwaukeestrategy. Others cannot afford to waste time or money on ineffective salespeople. This is where industrial sales recruiters in Milwaukee become especially valuable. Industrial sales recruiters not only save internal hiring personnel time, but they also bring with them an experience and expertise that one or two internal recruiters cannot offer.

Separating The True Performers From The Pack

Industrial sales recruiters in Milwaukee know the right questions to ask to separate the true performers from the rest. More importantly, these questions will uncover which industrial sales candidates will perform best in your company. How? Not all sales departments have the same type of support systems in place. What may have led a candidate to become “Salesperson of the Month” may not be available in your organization. Put the wrong person on the wrong situation, and you’re setting the company and the salesperson up for failure. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself posting yet another sales opening and hoping to find the right fit this time.

Limit that uncertainty by trusting industrial sales recruiters to lead the selection process for you. We ask the right questions, questions that go deep into the methods behind past sales performance. Questions like:

  • How large was your sales team? Was the candidate the best of 5 people or of 1,000?
  • What type of support did the sales team have? Were they supplied with pre-screened leads or did they have to source their own from scratch?
  • How many accounts did you open on your own vs. inherit?
  • How were new clients sourced or prospected?
  • How long was the sales cycle?

Questions like these will provide a clearer picture of just how the sales candidate is used to working. When matched with the way the sales process works in your organization, industrial sales recruiters in Milwaukee can eliminate candidates that would struggle to succeed in your structure and present you only with those candidate who are most likely to flourish in your organization.

Contact Industrial Sales Recruiters In Milwaukee For Your Open Sales Positions

The industrial sales recruiters at Milwaukee-based The Lawler Group ask the hard questions and dig deep to understand sales candidates’ past performance and possible potential with your company. To learn more about how our recruiters can help you find the right salespeople, contact The Lawler Group at 262-241-1600.