Top Jobs For Engineers And The Best Fields For Growth

Top Jobs For EngineersEngineering, as a whole, was one of the most stable job fields throughout the course of the recent recession, and job prospects for engineers are growing rapidly as companies return to growth plans and patterns of doing business. The current list of engineering jobs are offering highest salaries and showing the greatest potential for increased growth features both well-established fields and up-and-coming fields. This is offering engineers new opportunities for career diversity and growth.

  • Biomed Engineering – Biomedical engineering is a field that combines mechanical engineering or electrical engineering with medical and biological science. Biomed engineers help develop equipment and devices used in healthcare and in medical research. The United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts job growth in this field of engineering at about 23 percent between 2014 and 2024, which is far greater growth than other fields. Currently, biomed engineers earn an average of $86,220, nationwide.
  • Petroleum Engineer – Petroleum engineers develop methods and design the processes to extract oil and gas from the ground. Because the gas and oil industry where these engineers are primarily employed is subject to volatile market demand and frequently shifting regulatory requirements, petroleum engineering has a highly cyclical job market. Currently, BLS is predicting 10 percent job growth for petroleum engineers between 2014 and 2024, with a current national average salary of $129,990.
  • Civil Engineer – Currently, the federal government, state governments, and many local governments are investing far more in infrastructure improvements than they have in recent decades. The private sector is also spending more on large-scale construction projects. That means plentiful work for civil engineers who design and supervise construction of roads, bridges, tunnels, water treatment and sewage plants, airports, dams, and large buildings. The BLS estimate for job growth in civil engineering over the next decade is 8 percent, which is about average across all job fields, but it’s a significant improvement over the growth of civil engineering jobs in the past decade. Currently, civil engineers earn a national average of $82,220.
  • Environmental Engineer – Another fast-growing engineering field is environmental engineering, which combines engineering principles with chemistry, biology, and soil science to develop ways to remediate environmental contamination, improve processes like recycling which protect the environment, and develop methods to prevent future contamination of the air, water, and soil. BLS predicts job growth of 12 percent over the next decade for environmental engineers, who currently earn $84,560 on national average.

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