If you have education, training, and experience in a technical area of manufacturing, healthcare, or other specialized industry, a career in sales can be a good way to merge your technical expertise with your good communication skills. An industrial sales recruiter is a good person to have on your side to help you find the right position. The Lawler Group is always looking for exceptional candidates to fill search requests.

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Position Your Resume For Results

Before submitting your resume to an industrial sales recruiter, make sure that your resume is poised for results. Companies in need of potential employees with the skills and talent for this line of work are besieged with resumes from interested candidates. To make sure that your resume hits the mark for what a potential employer wants, your first step is to submit a well-thought-out resume that will compete with the hundreds of other resumes the hiring company might get.

Assuming you have the knowledge and skills for the job, you must correctly position information on your resume and format it so that it is appealing while showcasing the first things that recruiters or their HR software looks for. This means that you clearly provide your past job experience and show the title you held, the previous employers, the dates of hire and departure, and education. Format this information so that it pops.

Don’t Make The Industrial Sales Recruiter Pan For Gold

If you have been working for a while, you may have numerous employers and acquired many skills. Most resume experts suggest that you put the last 10 or 15 years of jobs on your resume, but keep in mind that your resume is a marketing document, not a historical one. It is important to show an unbroken work history, but you might wish to omit listing some job responsibilities of past jobs and focus on what you did that appears relevant to your current job goals. Keep in mind that a recruiter is more likely to scan your resume, not pan for golden nuggets of experience that could be related to the current job.

As you search for jobs, it is important to apply for jobs you are qualified for and not ones that are a long shot. While it is a great asset in sales to be positive about your abilities and to reach for the stars in your personal aspirations, modern recruiters will pass your resume by after a quick scan if it does not show skills required by the position.

Describe Your Skills With Keywords

If you are a fresh college graduate or have no relevant experience but say you are willing to learn, this will not cut any ice with most recruiters and hiring managers. Make sure to read the job requirements carefully and then send in credentials to the industrial sales recruiter that show you meet the qualifications noted in the job posting. Make sure your resume includes keywords that correspond to the job posting or are generally expected in that line of work. Whether a machine scans your resume for keywords or a human recruiter scans it to see if there is a fit, your skills need to be strategically placed to get your resume moved to the pile of candidates who will get a more thorough review.


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