14 Missteps That Your Milwaukee Recruiting Firm Will Hate

When working with a Milwaukee recruiting firm, it’s always a good idea to start off on the right foot. Recruiters know that candidates make occasional small missteps and mistakes, however it is best to avoid these cardinal mistakes in order to maintain a good relationship with your recruiter. Because they may ultimately be your key to getting hired.

When Working With A Milwaukee Recruiting Firm, Avoid These Habits:

  1. Stating that your salary expectation is one number during initial interviews, but then giving a number that is noticeably larger when you get to the end of the process.
  1. Arguing with your recruiter that the base salary being offered should be higher, because of the value that you provide. Recruiters understand, they just can’t do anything about it.
  1. Arguing with your recruiter that they should not be declining you, because you’re perfect for the position.
  1. Contacting your Milwaukee recruiting firm by every method possible if you don’t receive an immediate response. If you have a question that you want addressed, all you need to do is call once and leave a voicemail, or send one email. Your recruiter will be happy get back to you in a timely manner. Just remember to be patient, especially if it’s before the date and time they scheduled with you.
  1. Applying for every position opening that’s posted. As candidates apply to a company’s applicant tracking system they’re given an ID number linked to their name. When a recruiter checks this person’s profile they can see every position the candidate has applied for. Applying for a few positions that are applicable to your skills sets over a period of time is okay just don’t overdo it.
  1. Not being realistic and applying for a position that you’re absolutely not qualified for. Recruiters welcome candidates to apply for positions that would be a vertical move for them and love to help them achieve their career goals. But applying for a senior partner position when you only have 2 years of experience, or for a position in IT when you’re a geologist is not realistic.milwaukee recruiting firm
  1. Sending gifts to staff at your Milwaukee recruiting firm or to interview team members, making sexual advances, or even asking your recruiter out on a date. It’s all very uncomfortable and inappropriate.
  1. Being arrogant and acting like the recruiter is lucky to be interviewing you. Recruiters should be very appreciative and grateful to their candidates, but this doesn’t mean candidates should treat recruiters as if they are above them.
  1. Calling interview team members you only spoke to once after the recruiter calls and declines you. This is awkward for everyone.
  1. Interviewing when you aren’t really serious about the position. Recruiters love to sign passive candidates. Recruiters even want to speak to passive candidates who may not be interested at the time so they can start an initial relationship for the future. However, do not progress to official interviews if you have no intention of leaving your current job.
  1. E-mailing or calling the recruiter to remind them that you applied online. The recruiter probably already knows and hasn’t had time to review the application yet. Good recruiters will notify you of your candidate status.
  1. E-mailing or sending a LinkedIn message to a different company within the same organization to ask if they can help you get your foot back in the door for a position you were just declined for.
  1. Contacting your Milwaukee recruiting firm to ask which recruiter is responsible for a particular job posting on the company’s career website so you can contact that recruiter directly. They are listed by ID number and remain anonymous for a reason.
  1. Being inconsiderate of the recruiter’s time on phone interviews. Recruiters do appreciate your time but if they tell you they need to wrap up after an hour-long call, it’s time to end the conversation. If you need more information, just ask to schedule more time with them when it works for both of your schedules.

The relationship between your Milwaukee recruiting firm and the their job candidates must involve mutual respect. For a great recruiter-candidate relationship that begins and ends with mutual respect, contact the experts at The Lawler Group today.