If you’re looking for an executive level or upper management job in today’s competitive job market, you’ll most likely need the services of Milwaukee headhunters who work closely with businesses that rely on their skills to fill top level jobs. When you have your first interview with the Lawler Group, you’ll be asked some tough questions that we believe are imperative for finding the ideal job for you and matching you with a company that’s a good fit for your goals. While we sometimes hear answers that aren’t what we were hoping for, we always prefer the truth over lies and inconsistencies that can harm both our firm and your job prospects in the future. By being forthright and honest, you are giving Milwaukee headhunters the chance to overcome any concerns before they grow into insurmountable problems. Below are four crucial questions that you must answer fully and honestly in order to work with our Milwaukee headhunters.


Have You Submitted Your Resume Elsewhere?

While we ideally want to be the first and only stop in your executive job search, we know there is a chance that you’ve posted your resume to job boards or submitted them to blind company addresses before you chose to work with us. If you’ve already signed up with other Milwaukee headhunters, we can’t risk double submission. If you’ve simply applied to a few positions by submitting your resume, we can probably still work with you. Don’t forget to tell us about every job you’ve already applied for so that we don’t submit your CV a second time. In general, the job postings on our website are ones for which we have exclusive recruiting rights, so there shouldn’t be any overlap.


Did You Leave Your Last Position Willingly? Did You Get Fired?

These are essentially the same question; we want to know why you and your former employer parted ways and whose idea it was to end the relationship. If you’ve been fired, tell us. At the Lawler Group, we’ve seen it all and have successfully placed recent fires into excellent executive positions, but we can only help you if we know what the problem was. In today’s corporate world, glossing over unpleasant facts won’t help you find a job. By allowing us to perform due diligence now, you won’t have to face unpleasant consequences, including a rescinded offer, in the future.


How Far Away Are You Willing To Move? Tell Milwaukee Headhunters The Truth

Again, honesty is the best policy. Don’t say that you’re willing to travel to another city or state when your Milwaukee headhunters ask you whether you’re willing to relocate to get the job if you don’t mean it. If you don’t want to leave your hometown area, say so. Applying and interviewing for a job that you have no intention of accepting wastes time, money and resources and can backfire if the hiring company makes an offer that you immediately turn down. Perception is critical, and you don’t want the company to feel that you weren’t taking them seriously or that you were using them as practice for the real thing. Trying to get your foot in the door of a top company isn’t worth the risk and our Milwaukee headhunters will be less able to find the perfect job for you if you’re interviewing for positions that aren’t a good match.


What is Your Preferred Salary Range?

If the Lawler Group’s Milwaukee headhunters ask you what you made at your last job, it isn’t idle curiosity. In fact, we’re hoping that your prior salary history indicates that you are within the range being offered by the hiring company. We always strive to place a candidate into an executive level position that pays an appropriate wage. If you name a figure that’s astronomically high, however, you could price yourself right out of the market. Be honest and we’ll work our hardest to help you get a great salary and benefits package.


As Milwaukee headhunters, the Lawler Group will ask each of our candidates critical questions so that we can overcome any hurdles before submitting your resume to a client company. If you answer our questions as honestly as possible, we’ll be able to help you find the position that’s right for both you and the hiring company.