Recruiters Milwaukee WisconsinHere at the Lawler Group, our team of superior recruiters in Milwaukee often team with candidates who simply can’t understand why they aren’t getting the attention that they deserve from hiring companies. They feel like they’ve done everything right; from consistently searching the Internet for existing open positions to carefully and strategically submitting their application, yet they still can’t solicit a positive response.

Our Recruiters In Milwaukee Start With Candidates’ Resumes To Help Optimize Success

For many of our new candidates, this scenario sounds all too familiar. For applicants in any industry, getting feedback from hiring companies can feel like an exercise in futility. Fortunately, here at the Lawler Group, it is possible to stand out from the pack. What’s the first place that we start with our candidates? With their resumes. All too often, candidates attempting to find a new job on their own fall victim to one (or several) resume mistakes. Are you making one of them? Read on to find out critical missteps to avoid with your curriculum vitae.

Key Mistakes To Avoid On Your Professional Resume

What’s the first thing that our recruiters in Milwaukee insist on? A grammatically sound resume. This means no typos, awkwardly worded sentences or spelling errors. Our team of professional recruiters in Milwaukee carefully reviews resumes to ascertain that every client has a polished, error-free final product sure to encourage a second look from hiring managers.

Linear work dates is another key component to a successful resume. Many candidates assume that it’s the experience itself that’s most important, not the dates associated with the job. Not true. Leaving out dates or having giant gaps in your work history can make employers feel like your experience is spotty and not current.

Omitting contact information can also prove a major resume faux pas. Yes, it’s an online world that we live in. However, many employers still want to be able to pick up the phone and contact candidates for positions that they seem to be a fit for. If you’re only including an email address as part of your contact information, it’s time to reevaluate your resume approach to also include phone and cell phone numbers as well.

Check out the structure of your resume. Do you have everything written in paragraph form? This can prove a critical mistake as well; long, fully worded paragraphs on your resume can bore hiring managers to the point of skimming the data and missing vital information. In short, not keeping it short can prove the kiss of candidacy death. Bullets and snippets are the best way to grab your reader’s attention when letting them know why you are a perfect fit for a position.

Finally, never include irrelevant personal information on your resume. All too often, candidates assume that putting their personal hobbies and interests on their resume can help them stand out from the masses. However, putting this type of information on your CV may actually make you seem unprofessional. Unless you know for sure that you share common likes with your future employer, stick to professional information and experience only.

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