engineering recruiters in milwaukeeBeing a new engineering grad can bring with it a multitude of benefits. Using your degree in your chosen profession, being able to successfully land employment and embarking on your new career are just some of the exciting things that loom just beyond the horizon for you.

Or, maybe not.

For many recent grads, while the thought of employment seems inviting, they aren’t quite sure whether it’s the right next step for their professional path. Instead they find themselves wondering if they should perhaps consider continuing on with their schooling, thinking that an advanced degree can only enhance their future employment opportunities.

The Lawler Group’s Engineering Recruiters In Milwaukee Often Team With Recent Graduates

Does this sound like your current professional conundrum? It’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Here at the Lawler Group, our team of highly-skilled and trained engineering recruiters in Milwaukee constantly speak and work with new graduates who just aren’t sure if they are ready to plunge into the workforce, or seek another classroom experience. Our solution? Our experienced engineering recruiters in Milwaukee partner with these potentially new additions to the workforce to help them decide with certainty what their next move should be.

What Our Team Of Professional Engineering Recruiters In Milwaukee Can Offer Your Search

Engineering majors working with our team of professional engineering recruiters in Milwaukee receive an unparalleled list of benefits and advantages. First and foremost, our reputable staffing specialists always have their fingers planted firmly on the pulse of the current hiring market. While the engineering arena is often a growing, thriving realm, it’s important to note that there can be downturns in the marketplace. The Lawler Group can quickly help you identify what existing opportunities are in the market to help you determine if moving forward toward a hire or moving on to the classroom makes sense for you.

Additionally, here at the Lawler Group, we understand how overwhelming finding opportunities to apply for can be, especially for recent graduates. That’s why we manage the entire process for you. Our staffing specialists will submit your resume for pending opportunities that you are qualified for to eliminate the stress of trying to find employment on your own. Once your resume is submitted, our team will be able to follow up with hiring managers to get you the feedback you’ll need to decide if working in the job place is truly where you want to be.

Most importantly, teaming with the Lawler Group’s engineering recruiters in Milwaukee means that we will manage all the hiring negotiations on your behalf. As a new graduate, you may be unfamiliar with what to expect from your future place of employment. Our staff of qualified recruiters can handle the tough conversations that need to take place to ensure that you get the best hiring package possible.

Best of all, here at Lawler Group, we often work with hiring companies that actually offer college tuition reimbursement to their employees. You’ll be able to hone in on companies that will allow you to enter the workplace with the option to take classes as needed for the ultimate win/win hiring experience. Want to hear more about Lawler Group’s candidate approach? Contact us at 262-241-1600.