How To Choose The Best Engineering Recruiters In Milwaukee For Your Needs

Engineers are the problem-solvers, the solution-finders, the Swiss Army knives offered to a changing labor market increasingly driven by technology on one end and the need for great minds to apply it on the other. If you’re charged with finding top engineering talent for your company, you’ll need the help of professionals who specialize in helping their clients procure the engineering talent they need. Here are a few questions to ask as you sift through the many engineering recruiters in Milwaukee to find the best and brightest for your particular company’s needs.

  1. How Long Have The Engineering Recruiters In Milwaukee Been In Business?

By nature, the engineering field evolves over time with new technology, new methods, new discoveries, even new types of engineering. Three decades ago, no companies were seeking network engineers simply because that kind of technology didn’t exist. Telecommunication engineers had a vastly different skillset before the advent of cell phones, the Internet and other relatively new developments. As our national and regional infrastructures age, demand grows for civil engineers who can solve the problem of adapting themselves to new needs. In short, the job descriptions of engineers have changed and broadened—so you need engineering recruiters in Milwaukee who have a demonstrated record of adapting to the times. A recruitment firm with longevity measured in decades rather than months or years obviously has accommodated the evolving needs of its clients well.

  1. Can The Engineering Recruiters In Milwaukee You’re Considering Provide Testimonials?

Hiring engineering recruiters in Milwaukee is much like hiring engineers themselves: You should consider their track record. Ask for references and testimonials. What do existing clients have to say about the firm you’re considering? Can the engineering recruiters in Milwaukee provide any statistics that illustrate their success rate?

  1. Do They Specialize In The Particular Field Of Engineering In Which You’re Looking To Hire?

Engineering comprises a vast variety of sub-disciplines: Civil, structural, electronic, construction and the list goes on and on. While it’s not necessary for, and not likely that the firm you choose works in only one area, their concentration in yours might be the differentiating factor in choosing engineering recruiters in Milwaukee.

  1. Where Do They Find Their Talent?

Anyone can search the jobs-wanted listings to see what talent they can find, but that entails a lot more work on your part. Therein lies the appeal of engineering recruiters: They find and screen applicants for you. To find the best fit for your company’s needs, be sure the firm you choose has a large pool of professionals to draw from. Ask where they find applicants and what resources they have access to that you don’t. Some firms, like the Lawler Group, network with other companies to broaden the size of their talent pool.

  1. What Is The Engineering Recruitment Firm’s Approach?

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Some busy hiring managers prefer not to micromanage the search process; they’d rather their engineering recruiters in Milwaukee do what they do best, without a lot of direction past the initial contact session. Other HR folks want frequent communication so they’re up to date on the recruitment efforts. Neither approach is wrong; but you do need to make sure your needs and the firm’s needs procedures are a match.

The Lawler Group’s Recruiters Can Help You To Find Top Of The Line Engineers

If you’re looking for qualified engineering recruiters Milwaukee, Lawler Group can help. Their recruiting specialists’ combined expertise can help you find the right recruiter that will ultimately find you the perfect hire. Contact us today to begin your job search now.