Take Advantage Of Candidates Sent By Executive Recruiters In Milwaukee

In 2014, competition for top executive and technical talent is tougher than it has been in years, which is keeping executive recruiters in Milwaukee and throughout the rest of the country very busy. When search firms bring qualified candidates to hiring companies for additional interviewing and testing, the selection process can drag on as companies conduct multiple interviews and tests to make sure they have the right candidate. While significant resources are involved in hiring someone, the delay – and rejection of great applicants – is often due to embracing several myths about finding the perfect candidate.


Common Hiring Myths


  • Keep interviewing, you’ll find the perfect candidate. In searching for the elusive perfect candidate, you may overlook people with great skills who will fit into the company. Few job descriptions are written in stone, so consider going with a promising candidate with different skills in some areas who may slightly redefine the job and help your company advance in ways you didn’t plan.


  • Candidates successful elsewhere will be successful at your company. Transferring skills between companies is not always an apples-to-apples trade, as circumstances or other factors within the company may have helped (or hindered) a candidate’s performance. Past success is just one indicator of what the candidate can do for you.


  • Those who perform well in interviews will perform well on the job. Unfortunately, not all candidates are good in interviews, so don’t rely solely on the interview to make your decision about someone. Many people who wowed the interviewer quickly proved to be bad hires.


  • Good questions will reveal the best candidate for the job. Not all interviewers ask the best questions and know how to interpret the results. Even if the questions are good, properly understanding the candidate’s response and body language are more important than the words themselves.


  • A degree is necessary regardless of how much experience the person has. If you are hiring a brain surgeon, you need an M.D. degree, but for many jobs, years of relevant experience may have helped form the perfect candidate for your needs.


  • Testing is the real key to finding the best candidate. Personality and aptitude tests can tell a lot about the person, but are only one tool in evaluating a candidate. Just as some people are not good interviewers, some are not good test takers, especially when faced with multiple-choice tests. The creative thinker you want may not always color within the lines of the test.


  • Testing leads to lawsuits. Tests can be a valuable tool in seeing how someone might act in a given situation. As long as they are uniformly used for all candidates for the same position and are in compliance with current employment law, testing a potential hire will not cause your company legal trouble.


Don’t Waste The Candidates Sent To You By Executive Recruiters In Milwaukee


As an interviewer, you want to present only the best candidates to the hiring manager who will make the decision about particular hires. By buying into the myths noted above, you may prematurely eliminate candidates with the skills, work style, and attitudes that would be an asset to your company.


Don’t waste candidates. When you work with executive recruiters in Milwaukee, such as the Lawler Group, the people sent to you have already been prequalified. As you make your decision about who will make it further in the interview process, don’t prematurely disregard candidates who may not match up with your stereotypes of who you think is the perfect candidate for the job.


For more insight about how to pull the trigger on the best candidates before you, connect with us at the Lawler Group. As successful executive recruiters in Milwaukee, we are happy to share our 40 years of experience as we work with you to find the best potential hires for your company.