How Staffing And Consulting Agencies Help Your Company Run Smoother And Leaner

Staffing And Consulting AgenciesStaffing and consulting agencies work with client companies to provide limited-time laborers or specialized professionals. If your company’s workflow demands continual adjustment of your labor force size, working with a staffing agency can help give you what you need, when you need it, without a burdensome commitment. If you need the specialized help of a professional for a specific project, but don’t need that person permanently, a consulting agency will give you a cost-effective way to work with that professional as long as you need, and release them with no additional costs when the work is done. Companies of all sizes can benefit from developing a working relationship with a staffing and consulting agency.

  • Expedience – As you build a long-term working relationship with your staffing or consulting agency, they will learn what skills your specific positions require, what kind of personalities will work in your environment, and what qualities it will take for the people they send to work on your project to hit the ground running. Because a recruiter who works in your company’s field already knows where to find the qualified and available people to fulfill your requirements, you’ll get the help you need far more quickly than if you had to recruit and hire them yourselves. You’ll save time by being able to communicate your requirements to someone who’s starting with an overall understanding of your business, and by getting people who are ready to get to work with minimal input from your employees.
  • Expertise – The higher up the pay scale an employee is, the greater the burden rate for keeping that employee on the payroll. When you need a professional with specialized skills, like an engineer to design a facility, or an IT security specialist who will plan and implement a system that will then be maintained by others, hiring a consultant makes more sense than hiring an employee. Working with a consulting firm allows you fast access to the expertise you need, without a lengthy interview and hire process, and without the added expenses of providing benefits and separation costs. The contractor works for the time you specify when you arrange the contract, and at the end, you have the option to send them away with no further obligation. In a case where you want to consider hiring a permanent employee, starting with a contractor gives you a chance to “test drive” that person’s performance, so you can negotiate an employment offer with assurance.
  • Economy – Recruiting and Onboarding new employees can cost up to 50 percent of the annual salary, and the annual, ongoing cost of keep an employee on the payroll varies between 23 to 40 percent of the salary, depending on the skill level. Working with staffing and consulting agencies gives your company the flexibility you need to accomplish your goals, and saving significantly. Not only will you save on hard costs like payroll taxes and benefits, but you will also streamline overhead costs like HR and benefits administration.