Six Tips For Working With An Industrial Sales Recruiter

If you have any interest in B2B sales and the ability to communicate about products used in industry, this line of work can be lucrative and very satisfying for those who enjoy showing how various technologies and products can work for business. Finding a good industrial sales recruiter can help you hitch your wagon to a star once you have a good resume.

Six Tips For Working With An Industrial Sales Recruiter

  1. Industrial sales recruiterAs with other jobs, a targeted resume is the key you need to unlock the door to industrial sales. Many people think that they can do this type of work and flood corporations with resumes which do not open the door. The resume that you need to submit to an industrial sales recruiter must quickly catch their eye to make it out of the large pile of documents that go nowhere.
  2. To get into this field, you need knowledge and skills, and as the first test of your ability to sell products and services, you must show the recruiter that you have what it takes to succeed in the field. Even though commission is a large component of most of these jobs, hiring companies invest considerable sums in training their sales force, as a result, they only work with top candidates.
  3. Some candidates make the mistake of applying for jobs for which they are unqualified. Some industrial jobs are open to trainees, but people without specific experience in the field must have something else on the resume that makes their candidacy attractive.
  4. Regardless of how much experience you have that can make you successful in industrial positions, what’s important is how you present it. When recruiters scan your resume they want to see your past work history laid out in a way that convinces them you can do the job. For a candidate submitting a resume, this means that the formatting you use should make your work history and skills stand out.
  5. Although it is possible to create a functional resume that stresses your skills rather than listing your experiences chronologically, many recruiters dislike this type of presentation and feel that candidates are hiding something. They want to see previous job titles, dates of employment, firms you worked for, and educational milestones listed in order because it shows your career progression. Your challenge as a resume writer is to make both the chronology and the skills stand out.
  6. In addition to making a chronological presentation of your background, you need to make sure that your skills are listed concisely. Recruiters look for keywords. Even if you elaborate on the skill with the phrase that offers more information, make sure that you highlight the skills in a word or two and maybe even put the information in a bulleted list.

Making It To The Next Step

There are things about your background that will only come out in interviews. Relatively few people who submit resumes get to that point, so your written presentation must get you past automated scanning devices and preliminary scanning by someone in HR.

Once you get an interview with an industrial sales recruiter or company HR person, you have the chance to show the interviewer that your interpersonal communication skills are just as good as they were on paper.



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