standing out as a job candidate

It’s more difficult than ever before for search firms in Milwaukee to successfully fill executive positions because there is such fierce competition for desirable positions. Recruiters are often swamped with resumes from dozens or even hundreds of potential candidates who are willing to vie for any executive level position for which they are qualified. In response, search firms have had to step up their game. Providing candidates who can do the job is no longer enough; they now have to find individuals who also fit a company’s culture and philosophy.


Discovering An Exceptional Candidate Goes Beyond Qualifications


Experienced executives know that they can’t afford to simply have the right skills or the right educational background. They will be competing against a large pool of other candidates who also meet the requirements of the job and they’ll need to stand out in the crowd by bringing something unique to the table. They can’t just stand back and wait for their recruiters or the hiring managers to ask the right questions. Be willing to bring your specific or unique talents to the attention of interviewers. Telling recruiters and search firms in Milwaukee as much as possible about your personality and how you believe it will fit into the hiring company’s culture will keep you fresh in their minds and put you on the top of the list when it’s time to submit candidates.


Are You The Right Fit For The Company?


At the Lawler Group, we will be intent on discovering those special and rare qualities that elevate you above other candidates, whether that is your interpersonal skills, your on-the-job demeanor or your business philosophy. If you’re considering applying for a particular executive opportunity, take the time to ask yourself a few questions that should reveal whether you will fit the company culture as well as the job description:

  • Do you feel comfortable with the hiring company’s mission statement? Will you be willing to uphold their mission in your daily duties as an executive of the firm?
  • Is the job one that will put a lot of pressure on you to meet certain standards on a daily basis, or does it appear to be one that’s low-key with plenty of latitude for personal interpretation of goals?
  • Are the job and the company highly structured or is the position one that’s fairly fluid, with plenty of room to follow your own schedule?
  • Does the company offer rewards that are based on individual merit or is it a team culture with bonuses and incentives paid based on the performance of a team rather than your individual contributions?


Impressing Executive Search Firms In Milwaukee With Your Enthusiasm


Search firms in Milwaukee, including the Lawler Group, are always looking for candidates who are truly enamoured of the hiring company and not afraid to show it. We’ll know whether you’re seriously considering a job that you consider the opportunity of a lifetime or whether you’re simply going through the motions. We work closely with the hiring company and our candidates in order to match hiring businesses with their dream candidates, the ones who will look forward to coming to work every day. So be a cheerleader for the company as well as the job if you are genuinely enthused about them.


Don’t Apply For Every Job The Lawler Group Has Listed


The right candidates for any executive or upper level management position will vary depending on a multitude of factors, including your affinity for the tasks required. Don’t be the candidate who asks us to submit your resume for every open position we’re working on. That tells search firms in Milwaukee that you are desperate enough to take any job as long as you have the skills needed, and that usually leads to disappointment for both the new employee and the hiring company. We’ll be happy to submit your resume to more than one company, but only if we’re sure you are an excellent candidate for each position and each company. If you’re looking for a new job because you hate your current one, don’t make the same mistake twice by accepting a job that isn’t right for you.


The Lawler Group, a leader among search firms in Milwaukee, is proud of its reputation for finding and placing the right person in the right job with the right company. If you’re ready to work with us to find the best place for you and your unique talents, give us a call at 262-241-1600 to get things started.