Recruiters Play A More Critical Role Than Ever As Job Market Heats Up In 2017

In a late-2016 Harris Poll, employers indicated that 2017 will be the hottest hiring year in the past decade, and some of their responses revealed that hiring trends are changing quickly as the job market swings from the employers’ favor to that of job-seekers. The survey included about 2,400 human resources professionals and hiring managers from across the nation, in a variety of industries, and varying company sizes. Nearly 40 percent of those employers, nationwide, said that they plan to hire additional full-time, permanent employees this year, and mid-west employers Recruitersindicated a planned 35 percent increase.

As the market shifts, the employers’ expectations and offers are changing, too, and they’re demanding more personalized service in recruiting the right people for those new positions. Recruiters in Milwaukee and other urban centers across the country are shifting into high gear to help job seekers refine the way they present themselves and their skills and experience to employers in response.

  • Better Salaries – As the job market continues growing, employers are finding themselves in a position of having to compete to attract and retain the best employees. One major step they’re taking is improving initial salary offers to new hires, and raising base pay for current employees, in an effort to retain the people they’ve already invested in. IN the group of employers surveyed, 66 percent report that they will be increasing offers to new hires this year, nearly 50 percent report that they will be raising base pay for current employees, and among those, 64 percent say they’ll be raising base pay by three to five dollars an hour.
  • Changing Demands For Qualifications – Because employers are no longer in a position to demand and hold out to hire only candidates who had all of a long list of skills and experience, the smart employers have re-thought their expectations. A surprising number, 62 percent, of them have decided that soft skills like written and verbal communication, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration and team building, and adaptability are “very important” factors in choosing a candidate. Another set of qualifications that are in growing demand is professional experience with social media. About 63 percent of the employers surveyed said they expect employees across all job functions to have some work experience with social media.
  • Greater Willingness To Train – Until very recently, employers showed a definite unwillingness to hire candidates who lacked experience in their industry or in the specific hard skills required for their open jobs. Nearly 55 percent now report that they are willing to consider providing training for a candidate who has the soft skills and leadership potential they want, and who is otherwise a good fit for the position.

The Best Jobs Are Placed With Recruiters

As more employers create jobs and more job seekers enter the market, hoping to find better positions with better employers, the entire job market gets frenzied. Employers are placing an increasing number of positions with recruiters, because they want to spend their time meeting only the most qualified candidates. Many of the best jobs that are coming available will never be advertised at all. Working with an experienced recruiter will help job seekers market themselves to their best advantage in this new employment climate.