Recruiters Ramp Up For Best Hiring Year In A Decade

Recruiters In MilwaukeeIn a recent Harris Poll, employers across a wide range of industries and company sizes indicated that 2017 will be the strongest hiring year of the past decade. The study included nearly 2,400 hiring managers and human resources professionals, across the country. About 40 percent of the companies surveyed nationwide said they planned to add full-time, permanent employees in 2017, with mid-west companies reporting plans to increase full-time permanent hires by 35 percent in 2017. Recruiters in Milwaukee and other major urban centers are going to have a busy year on their hands, trying to match the most qualified candidates with the best companies to fill job openings that will, in most cases, never make it to a job board listing. Why? Because the job market has shifted and employers need more personalized service to find the right candidates efficiently.

  • Higher Salaries – Employers are now keenly aware that the job market is no longer in their favor. It’s a job seekers’ market, and companies that care about attracting and retaining top talent are stepping up their salaries. Among the Harris Poll respondents, 66 percent of companies say they plan to make larger initial salary offers to 2017 hires; almost half say they are raising base pay among its employees, with 64 percent of those planning to raise their minimum salary by three to five dollars an hour.
  • Different Qualification Demands – During the Recession years, employers could afford to write lists of qualification demands that would, in any other market conditions, be considered unrealistic. As the market has improved for job seekers, employers have had to re-evaluate their qualification demands. One major shift is in the demand for soft skills like written and verbal communication, team-building and collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking, and adaptability; 62 percent of the companies in the poll stated that soft skills will be a “very important” factor in hiring decisions this year. Experience in working with social media is another growing demand, with 63 percent of employers stating that across all job functions, they will expect new employees to have some work experience with social media.
  • Willingness To Train – As recently as two years ago, employers were largely unwilling to consider hiring employees who didn’t already have the experience and training for the jobs they applied for. According to the Harris Poll, though, about 55 percent now say that they’re more concerned with hiring a person who has good soft skills, and they’re willing to train the right people, even if they lack experience in the industry or hard skills that relate to the position.

Recruiters In Milwaukee Help Position Job Seekers To Best Advantage

As the job market heats up, there are more opportunities available than there have been in 10 years. There are also more job-seekers looking for a better position with a better company. The Lawler Group has spent more than 40 years building relationships with Milwaukee’s top employers, and they can help position the best candidates to earn a position with one of those companies. Let us help you present your experience and skills in a way that showcases the attributes that today’s top job opportunities and companies demand, then introduce you directly to the decision-makers. Contact us to learn more about finding your next job in Milwaukee.