Diverse Workplace RecruitersHiring strategies for businesses of all sizes still focus on getting the best possible candidate at a price that’s affordable for the business and attractive to potential hires. In the last several decades, however, workplace diversity has moved front and center as an additional requirement that can be difficult for hiring managers to handle. If a company doesn’t have a reasonable amount of cultural variety within its walls, it will be quite obvious when compared to the surrounding cultural norms.

At the Lawler Group, our recruiters in Milwaukee will work closely with you to ensure cultural diversity in your company. As a first step, we’ll help you establish a diversity mandate and reasonable, do-able goals in advance of any recruiting. We can help you determine what percentage of your new staff should be from different ethnic groups and backgrounds as well as the specific skills sets and experience they should have.

The Perks Of A Diverse Workforce

Of course you’ll want cultural diversity in your company for its own sake, but there are definite fiscal and policy reasons for diversifying as well. One of the most obvious reasons is legal — there are federal laws in place that prohibit discrimination against several different groups of different people, including along racial lines and against the disabled. You don’t want the shadow of a civil rights case damaging your business image.

At the Lawler Group, we’ll not only find candidates who are qualified and who would add racial and cultural diversity to the group, we’ll find candidates who bring something extra to the table. They will have a unique perspective and varied experiences that will inspire others to look for unusual and creative solutions. Hiring ethnically diverse employees will also endear you to local groups and culturally diverse families in your area.

How Do You Know If You Have Enough Diversity In The Workplace?

It can be difficult to know whether your workforce is diverse enough to meet federal guidelines as well as the local expectations. You need to determine whether specific groups are fairly represented, a task that is even more difficult if your organization is a large one.

Surveys may help. You can simply ask employees to disclose their race or cultural background in a closed survey and make sure you let them know that the information will be kept confidential. This is, however, purely voluntary, so let them know why you are asking. The results of the survey should give you an idea whether minorities are under-represented. Give the findings to your Human Resources department and ask them to work with one of our recruiters in Milwaukee. Every one of our recruiters is experienced in working with diversity issues and can help you improve the diversity of your workforce.

The Lawler Group’s Recruiters In Milwaukee Will Help You Achieve Cultural Diversity

If you’ve realized that your company isn’t as culturally diverse as it should be, working with our recruiters in Milwaukee can be a lifesaver. All we need from you is a solid idea of what your hiring goals are beyond getting qualified candidates into the right jobs. Contact us and let us know where you feel that your company is lacking in terms of diversity and how many people you feel need to be hired to tip the balance toward the appropriate level of ethnic diversity. We’ll be able to find the right hires for you with the appropriate level of experience. We’ll take the extra steps to ensure that your new hires are professional, experienced, culturally diverse, and a great fit your company. The results you’ll get from our recruiters in Milwaukee will enhance your company’s morale and its reputation.