Clean Up Your Online Presence; Work With A Milwaukee Headhunter

Sometimes, job seekers seek out a headhunter to help with their search, other times, a recruiter may approach someone they see as a hot candidate for a job they’re looking to fill. Whether you’re planning a job search or you’ve been approached to interview for a position, take a little time to clean up your online presence before you start interviewing. We’ve all heard unsettling stories of prospective employers demanding the login credentials for people’s social media accounts; many of those tales are urban legend, and companies that are actually doing this are probably not places you want to work. Many companies will Google the names of prospective employees, though, to see what comes up, and that reaches well beyond social media accounts. Start by Googling yourself to see what a prospective employer would.

  • Milwaukee HeadhunterSearch For Negatives – Obviously, you’ll want to run through your social media and look for photos that might concern a hiring manager, but read over past posts and comments, too. If you’ve posted rants about your boss, co-workers, or company, that doesn’t look good. Oh, and remember that time you got in a flame war with some jerk on Reddit two years ago, and obscenities were exchanged? Google may bring that up, too. Also, think about where you’ve posted, and how those sites or organizations may make you look to a prospective employer. Consider removing posts that give reference to anything controversial, overtly religious, or highly political.
  • Add Positives – If you have LinkedIn (and you should), look for media coverage or press releases that cover work you may have done in past jobs in a positive way. You can post links to those on your LinkedIn profile; it’s like Facebook for your professional life. Include links to anything you wrote, or to product lines you worked on. If you’re searching for a new job and hoping your current employer doesn’t find out, doing this all at once may be a giveaway, which is why, going forward, you should post this type of content on your LinkedIn as a matter of routine. Join public groups related to your field online and participate in discussions from an expert point of view, if appropriate, or from a helpful colleague position.
  • Keep Updating – Updating your online presence isn’t a one-and-done proposition. Keep boosting your positive presence going forward; you never know who has followed your comments or content, and may see those updates. Establishing a pattern of regular postings on relevant outlet not only helps you build a positive reputation, but also helps make it less obvious when you are preparing for a job search.

Working With A Headhunter Unlocks Opportunities

Working with a headhunter for your next job search opens up opportunities you wouldn’t find on your own, because the majority of open jobs are never advertised or posted; often because they’re placed with professional recruiters. Prepare yourself and your online presence to take full advantage of those opportunities. Job seekers in Milwaukee and nation-wide trust the experience and deep contact network of the headhunters at The Lawler Group to help them find the right jobs at the best companies for them.