Why Non-Profits Should Work With Executive Recruiters

When non-profit organizations find themselves in need of a senior manager or executive, many will balk at the potential cost of working with an executive search firm to fill that critical role. Often, they will engage in an internal search or encourage their existing executives to reach out through their personal contact networks to try to find the right person for the position. Unfortunately, these efforts may prove a false economy, given the slower pace of these methods, and the increased likelihood of hiring a manager of executive who has the experience that sounds right, but doesn’t have the leadership skills to back that experience up. Recruiting and onboarding senior level employees can cost up to 50 percent of their annual salary, with ongoing annual costs ranging as high as 40 percent, and that doesn’t account for the hard costs and opportunity costs of having an ineffective leader above the staff-level employees. Hiring the wrong person for an executive or senior management role is an expensive mistake.

  • Executive recruiters MilwaukeeDeeper Network – Executive recruiters earn their living by developing and maintaining deep contact networks, across a variety of industries and locations. When an executive recruiter goes to work on finding a candidate, they’ve got an established network to use in their search, so they’re more likely to have direct paths to reach the best candidates quickly.
  • Objective Vetting – Interviewing and vetting candidates who were sourced through an in-house search or personal contacts of your existing executives can prove messy, because you’re dealing with people who have personal relationships with someone in your organization, or with the organization itself. Working with an executive recruiter allows you and your executives to remain at arm’s length during the vetting process; the executive recruiter can ask the questions and verify the credentials and references in an objective manner.
  • Confidentiality – For some executive searches, confidentiality is critical. Perhaps your organization doesn’t wish to announce that someone is leaving until his or her replacement has been found. Whatever the reason, when confidentiality and discretion are key elements of the search, working with an executive search firm helps ensure that your private matters stay private in a way that internal searches and inquiries made through your personal contact networks simply cannot.
  • Support For Closing The Deal – Interviewing, vetting and verifying are all important, but, obviously, what matters most is actually reaching a successful hiring agreement with the best candidate for your position. When you work with an executive search firm, you not only get help in finding that ideal candidate, but they’ll also help you to make a successful offer or negotiate with the candidate to agree on terms that work for both parties.

Executive Recruiters Help Milwaukee Non-Profits Succeed

If your Milwaukee non-profit organization needs to find a senior manager or executive, The Lawler Group can help. With more than 40 years of executive recruitment experience and a world-wide contact network, our executive recruiters can help you find the best candidates quickly, so you can get back to succeeding at your core goals. Contact us to learn more about working with the expert team at The Lawler Group.