How Modern Industrial Sales Recruiters Look For Candidates

If sales is your chosen career, you may want or need to relocate to find the perfect job. When choosing the best industrial sales recruiter to assist you in your job search, you should work with somebody who is part of a broader network and is familiar with more distant opportunities. You should also work with someone who is familiar with some of the new trends that characterize modern recruiting practice.

Traditionally, employers and candidates came together after a series of phone calls and paper swaps, followed by in-person meetings. Technology has heavily affected the recruiting industry, so now video interviews are common and low-cost. In addition, games and social recruiting have made their way into the field. Smart candidates, especially those looking for jobs with a state-of-the-art company, ask their industrial sales recruiters about their out-of-the-box approach to recruitment, as well as about their access to traditional avenues.

New Techniques In The Industrial Sales Recruiter’s Tool Bag

Industrial sales recruiters Milwaukee.Here are four techniques that modern companies use that may surprise you.

  • Mystery shoppers, a long-standing tool in retail to see how employees treat customers in real life, have come to the recruiting field. Recruiters looking for savvy potential employees who can handle the job, manage conflict, and introduce upsells may act as if they are customers and “interview” talent for jobs at a client company. Employers may visit industry conferences and events with the idea of finding great candidates in the process of social interaction.
  • Contest, games, and challenges, often found on social media, websites, and signs and billboards in public places may challenge onlookers with a problem or a question. Those who respond correctly might be presented with additional questions or problems to solve. Their response can yield job interviews. This approach is commonly used these days to find engineers and other professionals known for their problem-solving skills.
  • Job postings have gone far beyond newspapers, trade journals, and websites. Some companies are placing invitations to check out jobs in unusual places. A tech company in Australia, for example, ran ads on the side of buses in Europe that said “Europe, we’re coming to steal your geeks!” The company, who was looking for 15 developers got 1,000 qualified applicants. Other companies, after researching where competitors’ employees eat lunch, worked with restaurant owners to print job ads on bags. The idea is that a potentially ideal employee might come in after a frustrating morning and be happy to see a simple question posed on a bag of fast food: “Are you happy with your current sales job?”

It’s A New World For Employers And Candidates

As a job hopeful, you may find jobs posted in unusual places these days or you might be unknowingly auditioned by an undercover boss posing as a customer. While some of these techniques may seem unlikely approaches, many companies are open to finding employees in nontraditional ways. It is not just tech firms that are turning to buses, lunch bags, and contests to find good hires, but even more staid organizations such as banks and financial institutions are on board.

Many successful industrial sales recruiters are learning to incorporate these techniques along with their standard approaches. As a candidate, choose a firm that is in touch with how recruiting is done today.