Milwaukee Area RecruitersLike the job market itself, the recruitment process is constantly evolving. Today, more and more Milwaukee recruiters are relying on advanced technology to help source and place candidates. Now, more than ever, The Lawler Group is helping businesses stay up to date on the latest techniques and tools to help them fill open positions.

Here are just a few of the modern technologies that companies need to be familiar with in order to optimize their hiring process.

Milwaukee Recruiters Are Using Advanced Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) have been a part of the hiring process for some time, but continued development of these technologies has made them much more advanced and able to handle a wider range of recruitment screening tasks. New contextual searching and matching means that simply overloading a resume or application with keywords no longer guarantees that it will be selected to move forward in the process. ATS can now be programmed to better take into account the overall likelihood that a candidate will be a good fit for a given position. With such a competitive atmosphere, these systems will continue to be a vital tool in the initial screening stages.

Social Media And Online Tools

The proliferation of social networking and continuing advancements in online technology have provided recruiters with the opportunity to reach out to a much wider range of candidates and source applicants in new and exciting ways. Targeted online marketing based on social media allows businesses to reach out directly to potential applicants and connect with them on a much more personal level than previously possible. Meanwhile, online video chat means that interviews can now be conducted remotely, regardless of the applicant’s location.

Mobile technology is also playing a major role in how candidates are seeking out opportunities. Now that smartphones have become commonplace, job hunters now have access to listings of open positions and even the option to apply at anytime, anywhere. This new level of constant connection makes it doubly important for recruiters and businesses to be aware of how their message is being presented to candidates and the ways in which they’re able to interact with their application process.

Search Engines

Online resources have become the number one tool used by job seekers, but the way the Internet is being utilized has begun to change. While job listing sites and databases are still frequented by applicants who are actively seeking a new position, many online searches now begin with Google or other general search engines. The advancement of search engine programming means that job seekers can now input their desired position, location and any number of other qualifications and receive a listing of possible positions. Understanding how and why these results are delivered can help recruiters ensure applicants are being exposed to open positions that they are qualified for at client companies.

Many of these technologies can be difficult for businesses to understand, which is why the Lawler Group offers a host of recruiting services to aid companies both large and small in filling open positions with their ideal applicants. If you could use help sorting through the resources at your disposal, contact our Milwaukee recruiters at the Lawler Group today by visiting