How Many Employment Recruiters Should I Sign Up With To Find A Job?

It’s a really common question among job seekers, and it’s amazing how many “experts” are out on the Internet proclaiming their opinions without ever talking to an actual employment recruiter. First, it’s important to understand how employment recruiters work, because there is a lack of understanding inherent in the question. You “sign up” with the unemployment office, and you may “sign up” with online job boards. At some point, you’ll probably get tired of spending your time talking to companies you found on those job boards who aren’t even close to paying what your job is worth, or who want you to wait while they interview 50 more people who also replied to their posting.

So, you may decide you want to work with an employment recruiter to find better companies and positions. Good decision! You should understand that there is a critical difference, though: when you talk to an employment recruiter, you’re not “signing up.” You’re asking a professional to represent you and your skills to employers they’ve worked to build trusting relationships with. That means that you first need to earn the confidence of that recruiter.

  • Employment Recruiters MilwaukeeWorking Partnerships – Depending on your job and the employment recruiter you choose, you may be asked to come in for skills evaluations and an in-person interview. Take the opportunity to impress by treating this as a job interview because, in fact, it’s the one interview that can unlock multiple job opportunities for you. If you make a favorable impression and leave the recruiter excited about you as a candidate, they’re likely to go to their client companies, even the ones who don’t have an open job on order, sell them on you and your skills and get interviews for you.
  • Company Conflicts – Sometimes, companies who are hiring will place orders with more than one employment recruiter, in order to get that opening filled faster. Those orders are part of a contract between the company and the recruiter, and that contract says that the company agrees not to hire a candidate sent to them by the recruiter without paying the recruiter. If a company gets your resume from more than one recruiter, they are likely to set your resume aside entirely, in order to avoid problems with the recruiters. It’s never in your best interest for one company to receive your resume from more than one source.
  • Choose The Right Recruiter For You – Do some research before you begin contacting recruiters, to find out which ones are most active in placing people with your specific job skills, and ask others in your industry for recommendations. Talk to those recruiters, and choose the one you feel is the best fit for you. Pick one employment recruiter who reacts positively to you and your experience, and who is ready to take action toward finding you a position.

When It Comes To Employment Recruiters, Milwaukee Job Seekers Count On Us

At The Lawler Group, we’ve spent more than 40 years developing working relationships with many of Milwaukee’s best employers, and they trust us to send them excellent candidates for their open positions. That’s why Milwaukee job seekers count on us to help them find the right position with the right company. Contact our employment recruiters to learn more about how we can help you in your job search.