Management Recruiting Tips To Help You Attract And Keep Good Managers

Management Recruiting TipsRecruiting and hiring are not the same thing. Hiring is the process of making an offer to a candidate you need, negotiating employment terms, salary, and benefits, then filling out a lot of paperwork. Recruiting comes before hiring, and it’s the process of selling your company and its opportunities to a prospective employee. The distinction has become increasingly important, as the job market has quietly shifted from an Employers’ Market to one where desirable employees hold the cards. As the economy has continued in its recovery and businesses are gearing up for a period of growth, experienced managers are in high demand, and if you want to hire the best, you’re going to have to learn to recruit.

Understand What Your Ideal Manager Will Value Most

You’ve built a profile of the ideal person for your position. Do you understand what motivates that person? Will they be moved by the ideals and mission of your company? Belief in the company’s products? Earning potential or a specific career path? Creative control over a program and team? In all likelihood, it’s some combination of these things. The important part is that you identify which things as you’re interviewing that candidate, then highlight those things in your presentation, and re-iterate them if and when you make an offer.

Pay For What You Expect To Get

Few companies are so flush at this point that they can afford to offer bloated salaries in order to snap up top talent, but the managers who are actively searching for new opportunities know their value in today’s market, and you’re not going to win them over with a lowball offer. Don’t base your offered salary solely on the candidate’s current or last salary because a large number of experienced managers are now moving because of inadequate salaries. Understand the current market and make an offer that reflects that understanding.

Move Immediately When You Find The Right Candidate

We’ve just come through a period when employers could afford to take a month or more on a hiring decision, even for seasoned managers. That period is over. If you find the right candidate, stop interviewing and make an offer immediately. If an additional interview is required before you can make an offer, schedule it immediately, because there is probably another company writing an offer for that candidate.

Take Advantage Of Your Management Recruiter’s Knowledge

Working with a management recruiter is helpful in finding the right candidates to interview. It’s also a great advantage to be able to discuss a potential offer with your recruiter and gain their insight as to what selling points are most likely to connect with that candidate, and what it’s going to take to make an offer that candidate will accept. If you need to negotiate, your recruiter can also talk you through the process and help you formulate a strategy to win over your perfect new manager.