Milwaukee manufacturing recruitersBoth job candidates or management recruiters in Milwaukee may find themselves heading to LinkedIn when looking for a position or a candidate. It has been reported in Adweek that 92% of companies use social media as recruitment tool; 93% of those companies use LinkedIn. Like many other headhunters, Lawler Group has LinkedIn in their bag of tricks, and as a candidate, so should you! You should take this knowledge to heart and boost your LinkedIn presence.

Recruiters Rely On Keywords

Many recruiters use LinkedIn as a starting point for identifying candidates who might be a good fit for open positions in their company. Mary Truslow, for example, a recruiter at Pile & Co. in Boston, a firm that specializes in hiring creative professionals, has built up her base of connections to over 3,500. She uses several approaches to build her network. These are good insights for potential candidates.

Keywords provide the first screening tool. LinkedIn has an Advanced Search function that picks up specific words in profiles. If a recruiter is looking for a mechanical engineering manager in Chicago or a market research manager for consumer products in the Omaha area, the site can extract candidates who meet their parameters. The site finds candidates who have described themselves as having certain skills, software expertise, or other qualities. These are the type of people a recruiting manager might want to connect with.

From the candidate’s perspective, the take-away is to comb your LinkedIn profile to make sure that it rich with keywords. To get an idea of the right keywords to use, do a search of your own to find profiles of people with job titles you want. Read them carefully, pick out common words and phrases, and incorporate the same ideas as bullet points in your profile. Stuffing your profile with keywords is overkill, but incorporating applicable keywords into the copy will come up in searches and offer useful information to headhunters.

Group Participation Can Make You Stand Out

LinkedIn is full of groups based on industries, skills, and interests. Recruiters often scan these for trends and see who comments. Those who have something articulate to say might be the subject of the recruiter’s next search.

For candidates, groups offer industry insights and give you the opportunity to share your insight, a proactive approach that recruiters love. The more you share, the more you stand out as an industry thought leader. When you read what other commenters have said, look them up. Someone who is interesting might be someone who hires. Try to connect with them, and mention that you found them in the LinkedIn group.

Connect With Management Recruiters In Milwaukee On Social Media

Recruiters seek out prospective candidates, and LinkedIn and other social media are increasingly becoming the way that they build their lists. If you’re ready to move into a new, challenging position, make your LinkedIn profile ready for a recruiter’s search.


Whether you represent a company looking for a great new hire, or are looking to be found by a management recruiter, the Lawler Group, can help you. Contact us today to get started.