Management Recruiters Bring You Top Talent. Are You Positioned To Close The Deal?

If you’re planning to work with a management recruiter in Milwaukee to search for your company’s next manager, you’re already on the right track to finding the right person as efficiently as possible. The job market has shifted as the economy has recovered, though, and many employers are slow to understand what this means for hiring top talent; the balance has shifted from an employer’s market to one where employers must compete to attract the best candidates to accept job offers. If you’re going to be interviewing in-demand, qualified and experienced management candidates, your company needs to be positioned to give those candidates a reason to come to work for you.

  • Salary & Benefits – Salary and benefits are often not a candidate’s top priority in choosing a new position, but they’re always high on the list of considerations, and we’re no longer in a market where companies can afford to skimp on their offers. This is very much a “you get what you pay for” time in the employment market, so if you want to hire and retain A-grade employees, don’t offer B- or C-grade salaries and benefits. As recently as five years ago, companies were getting by with offering less and still attracting good managers, but today, those managers are on the move, looking for compensation packages that more accurately reflect their value, skills, and contributions.
  • Social Proof – You trust your management recruiter to vet the candidates they send you to interview, but if you’re like most companies, you’ll probably search those candidates online to see what kind of online presence they’ve built. The candidates are researching your company, too, to learn what your company’s culture and reputation are like, along with your actual business. Sites like Indeed and Glassdoor are important resources, because they tell a prospective employee a lot about what your current and past employees think of working for you. LinkedIn is another key source that you can use to your advantage in attracting top talent. If your profile is full of updated posts about your products, achievements, and plans, you project an image that is more likely to grab attention and leave prospective employees with a positive impression of the way you do business.
  • Looking To The Future – In addition to building positive social proof and a positive image for candidates to discover, you should be prepared to sell them on your company and opportunity when you interview them. Paint a picture for them, not only of where your company is going and how you expect it to grow, but how that growth will positively affect that manager’s specific career path. Starting the conversation with a clear view to the future not only helps you to hire that manager today, but also to retain and motivate them going forward.

Make The Most Of Working With Management Recruiters

Recruiting managers is one of the most important hiring decisions a company can make because of the massive impact a manager can have – for better or worse – on the productivity and profit of the company. The Lawler Group are experienced management recruiters in Milwaukee that help companies in Wisconsin and nationwide find the best managers for their specific business, and work with those companies throughout the hiring process, to ensure that they’re able to hire the candidates they choose. Contact us to learn more about hiring your next manager with the help of the professional management recruiters at The Lawler Group.