Management Recruiters In Milwaukee Will Look At More Than Your Resume

If filling positions were just a matter of comparing a resume to a list of requirements and checking off the boxes, hiring would be a snap. We all know that isn’t the case though. The culture of the company is an important part of finding the right person that will succeed in the position. There are intangibles involved in selecting the best candidate for a job and management recruiters in Milwaukee may also take them into account.

management recruiters milwaukeeBehaviors

Recruiters may look at behaviors as an indicator. While some of that information, such as a tendency to change jobs every two years, can be found on paper, some can’t. Recruiters may ask questions about how conflicts were resolved, management style or how failures were handled. They need this information to know if they’re sending you into a culture where you will prosper or if it’s one in which you may not. It benefits all involved to be open and honest so that the resulting hire is one that satisfies all parties.


Any job that a management recruiter will be filling will, of course, involve relationships. When recruiters ask questions about cultivating relationships with a team, reciting answers from a textbook you used in B-school doesn’t help anyone. Nor does talking about what a great pal you are to your circle of friends. Be prepared to give examples of your relationship skills and how you’ve applied them to work situations.

Leadership Style

If there was one “best” way to be a leader, there wouldn’t be a whole section of leadership books at the book store. There are many different ones and not all are the best fit for each company. Some companies may want someone upbeat, outgoing and energetic to motivate their sales force, while another may look for a more moderate and reserved approach to manage a quality assurance project. Number of subordinates is also a consideration. Some managers excel at leading large teams while others find their niche is leading smaller teams. The recruiter should have a good understanding of what the company desires from the candidate they hire.

Willingness To Learn

We often know more than we think we do. It becomes a problem when we think we know more than we actually do. A management recruiter may gauge your willingness to be open minded when facing new tasks, duties or situations. Will you ask questions and listen to input or just shut down because you feel you already know? As a corollary, the recruiter should have a good feel for the learning process at the employer. A business that implements a formalized training program before a candidate is officially on the job may be a great fit for some new-hires, but one that expects you to learn as you work may not fit that same candidate.

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