Management Recruiters Find Effective Leaders For Milwaukee Companies

Most company executives have some idea of the ways in which the managers who work face-to-face- and day-to-day with their employees affect the company’s culture, level of innovation, and overall productivity. Many executives, though, don’t realize just how big an impact those managers can have, for better or worse. Obviously, there are significant costs involved with recruiting and on-boarding those managers themselves, but what is less apparent is how directly their leadership and team-building skills (or lack thereof) can affect your costs for recruiting and retaining the employees who work under those managers. An effective manager builds a cohesive team who look forward to coming to work and using their talents to grow and build their segment of your business.

In the late 1990s, Gallup, a leader in the employee retention movement, developed a system for measuring and analyzing employee performance, and management techniques and their effectiveness in engaging and retaining employees. The Gallup Q12 meta-analysis report for 2016 has just been released, and it clearly shows that businesses with engaged managers and employees are more likely to realize better productivity and profit, regardless of industry, shifting economy, or technological changes in the marketplace. The massive study considered 82,000 businesses or work units, and 1.8 million individual employees in 49 industries in 73 countries. The study found that businesses in the top 1% of employee engagement have a success rate four times that of those in the bottom 1%. Top quartile businesses outperform bottom quartile businesses by 21 percent in terms of profitability; 20 percent in productivity; and they also enjoyed 10 percent greater customer loyalty and engagement.

Management Recruiters MilwaukeeManagement Recruiters Help Companies Find The Most Effective Managers

When it comes to hiring managers for your company, there are many critical factors to consider beside that person’s education and experience. There’s a big difference between a skilled manager and an effective manager. Skills and experience don’t build teams; character and interpersonal skills do. The type of manager that will be most effective in your particular business and industry is defined by a set of traits that aren’t detectable through a search algorithm, no matter how sophisticated. That’s why more and more companies are discovering the true value of working with management recruiters when they need to hire new leaders for their business. A job board can bring you the resumes of hundreds (or thousands) of candidates who claim to have the skills, experience and educational background your position requires, but it leaves you on your own to determine which of those candidates might actually be the right leader for your employees.

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The Lawler Group has more than 40 years of proven success at finding the right managers and executives for companies in a wide variety of industries. We’ll take the time to develop a firm understanding of the manager who will be effective in your company and culture, and introduce you only to those most likely to succeed. Contact us to learn more about how The Lawler Group can help your company build a stronger organization.