Working With A Local Manufacturing Headhunter Keeps Your Line Running Smoothly

Local Manufacturing HeadhunterAs the economy recovers and manufacturers are ramping up for more and larger orders than they’ve seen in recent years, the demand for skilled employees is exploding. At every level from the production line to the C-suite, working with a local manufacturing headhunter to find the best and most productive candidates for your open positions will help you keep running smoothly and profitably. Whether you’re working with Six Sigma or Lean Manufacturing procedures, or you’re looking for a manager who’s fluent in the intricacies of ISO 9001 standards, the manufacturing recruiters at The Lawler Group have the experience to sift through a broad range of candidates to find the ones who have the experience, education and training, and employability skills your position requires.

  • Pinpoint Your Needs – Sometimes, the biggest hindrance in finding the right person to fit into your company’s environment and mission is developing the right job description. We’ll ask the right questions to learn what the successful candidate for your position looks like, and we’ll get a firm understanding of what your non-negotiable needs are, and what additional qualities you hope to see in the candidates we send for your consideration.
  • Screened And Vetted Candidates – Our local manufacturing headhunters understand the Milwaukee manufacturing market, and we understand the nuts and bolts of the industry. We interview and vet candidates carefully before we introduce them to you. That means you won’t waste time interviewing people who aren’t fully qualified, whose salary expectations aren’t in line with what you’re offering, or who simply won’t fit in with your business culture. Our comprehensive search and screening process assures that we’ll bring you the best available candidates, and our guaranteed results offer you added insurance of a successful hire.
  • When You Find The Right Candidate – Once you’ve interviewed and identified the right candidate for your position, we can help you prepare and negotiate an offer. For wider searches where you may be re-locating the person you want to hire, we can also facilitate your new employee’s re-location process and advise you on ways to help integrate those employees and their family’s into the Milwaukee community. For many companies, re-locating employees is a fairly rare occurrence. Your company may find it useful to have the advice of a local manufacturing headhunter to know what the current market expectations are, and how to provide adequate re-location benefits, while staying on-budget.

Let A Local Manufacturing Headhunter Lighten Your Load

Whether you’re gearing up for a new project and need new line workers, or you’re looking for your next Chief Technology Officer, The Lawler Group has the resources and knowledge to locate the ideal candidates and help get them on your team as quickly as possible, so you can keep running smoothly.