Senior Director of IT & Cloud Services

Do well yourself, while doing good for others

Our client is a Milwaukee non-profit that provides employment for special needs individuals. They are a manufacturer, supplier, distributor and service provider primarily for the government and the military. It is a substantial organization, with sales over $ 100,000,000.

They are in the process of migrating to a cloud-based Oracle system and are looking for the right leader to complete the mission.  The person selected will initially direct the outside firm that is handling the implementation, which is well underway, with several modules now up and running.  This firm currently has 10 people on site

Your responsibilities will include building the IT organization as they complete the implementation, as well as managing all aspects of the IT function, including e-commerce.

What You Will Like About This Employer:

  • Organization mission that goes beyond making money for shareholders. They invest profits in their mission of growing employment opportunities for their special needs employees.
  • Nice People! From the CEO on down, you’ll find that these people care about each other, as well as the business.
  • Award winning supplier to the Federal Government. G., they will provide the census takers kits again in 2020.
  • Growing success with military programs, including a recent multiyear award that will exceed $100MM doing kitting. That’s putting together kits, not knitting!
  • Growing organization that has just added a new 100,000 square foot facility to handle the work of new military contracts.

What You Will Like About the Position

  • A chance to build the IT group with your own people from the ground floor
  • Interesting variety-because they are a manufacturer, supplier, distributor and service provider doing ecommerce, but also with retail outlets.
  • Strong benefit package with low-cost health coverage that includes both dental and vision; profit sharing.
  • Excellent compensation. The firm has been very successful by paying attractive compensation, so they can attract the best talent in every area of their business.

Successful Candidates will Have the Following

  • Normal executive level skills
  • Substantial experience with Oracle (ideal), or another major ERP system, e.g., SAP.
  • Familiarity with Cloud based IT
  • Strong management experience in the IT world
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