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It’s a global economy. How far from home are you willing to go for a job? As a company, how far are you willing to cast your net for good candidates? When you partner with the Lawler Group, a professional team of industrial sales recruiters in Milwaukee, you have a whole world of potential hires and great job opportunities before you. Since our local recruiting company is a part of the worldwide MRI Network, we have colleagues in any market.


These days, both finding great potential hires and finding a job involves some different tactics than before. In the past, the hiring process involved a series of phone calls and exchanges of paper. These age-old techniques are now supplemented with video interviews, “gamification,” and “social recruiting.” Smart companies choose industrial sales recruiters familiar with the latest techniques to fill job openings, while savvy jobseekers are always on the lookout for opportunities.


How Current Industrial Sales Recruiters In Milwaukee Find Candidates In A Modern Market


Here are a few examples of this new world in recruiting and hiring that may impact you.


  • Mystery recruiters. You may be familiar with “mystery shoppers” or “undercover bosses” who present themselves as customers or coworkers to find out more about how people do their jobs. Undercover recruiting operates the same way, as agents test the skills of employees by going into retail stores, car repair shops, banks, restaurants, and other settings to observe how workers interact with customers and perform their jobs. They might go to industry conferences and workshops in search of candidate material. The people they observe might even be in different industries as they search for transferable skills.


  • Challenges for jobs. If you think that the types of math problems and other intellectual challenges you see on Facebook are just distractions, think again. Corporations ranging from Google to major engineering firms use billboards, social media, websites and even wraps on company cars to pose questions to people with specific skills. Those who solve the initial question may be presented with additional challenges. The next step may be an invitation to apply for a job.


  • Job ads in weird places. Check your next fast food bag. Some companies are placing job ads on sandwich bags at fast food restaurants for employees at all levels. Through research, they found out where employees of their competitors were having lunch and worked with restaurant owners to imprint their bags. In the same vein, one tech company in Australia ran ads on the side of European buses that said “Europe, we’re coming to steal your geeks!” The company needed 15 developers to move, but got 1,000 qualified recruits.


Use Of New Techniques Widespread


What is interesting about the use of these techniques is that they are not just confined to appeal to young workers for entry-level jobs. The companies that use these techniques include very traditional organizations, such as banks, to industries that are considered more laid-back, such as software developers. Both companies and candidates used to the old ways of job acquisition are finding that they need to get with the times.


The Lawler Group is not only expert at traditional job placements, but we are also well-versed in the changing market. Whether you are looking for a job or need to hire, we may not put the ad on a lunch bag but our industrial sales recruiters in Milwaukee can help you find a match, near and far, using traditional and creative techniques. For information, contact us today.