Industrial Sales Recruiters Can Aid Your Job Search

When you are seeking a sales position, looking at what industrial sales recruiters in Milwaukee have posted on their websites will give you an idea of the requirements for many related jobs. You may notice an extensive list of required credentials or just a few points that will give you an idea of how to present yourself when applying for a job.

What Are Industrial Sales Recruiters Really Looking For?

Industrial Sales RecruitersWhether a company posts a position or has their executive recruiter do it, they list the desired characteristics for their potential new hire. Sometimes, companies, especially those that do the hiring on their own, list what they hope to find. If the company pays too little, or the job market in the area is tight, they may have to compromise on the candidates they hire.

Typical postings for industrial sales might include requirements such as sales experience, education, industry experience, communication skills, special knowledge and credentials. For some positions, a company might be willing to take a chance on a person who has less education or less experience, or may be willing to substitute one for the other. They may even be willing to hire a fresh trainee.

A candidate looking for this type of job often struggles with conflicting online advice that says they should apply for any position for which they meet some of the requirements, and some that says they should not waste time on positions that do not match their background. As a perspective candidate, it is important not to sell yourself short, but you need to be able to discern when requirements are negotiable and when they are not.

Meeting Important Job Requirements

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The more specific credentials are listed in the job ad, the less likely the company will hire someone who does not meet the criteria. For example, for industrial sales jobs that call for law degrees, advanced degrees in certain fields, or other professional credentials, the company is not going to put aside these requirements. If they need somebody who has had experience managing a large sales team in the electronics industry, a summer job at RadioShack will not get you far.
  • While industrial sales recruiters are not job counselors, they may be willing to advance the resume of the less qualified candidate who they know can do what the client wants even if the credentials are not what they specify. Lying or escalating credentials on your resume is never a good idea but, alternatively, the recruiter might offer a few tips for how to present certain aspects of your background on your resume to appeal to the client.
  • After looking at postings and finding that you fall short in the credentials you need to get into a specific area, you may need to take a step back and reinvent yourself. This may mean finishing your degree, taking some extra coursework, or getting involved in a professional organization in your desired area to gain more skills, knowledge, and networking opportunities. With more industry knowledge under your belt, you might find more companies who are willing to take a chance on offering you training once you show that you took it upon yourself to gain expertise.

When you are looking for a new position, industrial sales recruiters can be a valuable asset in matching you to an opening, even if your background varies slightly from the job requirements. They will also tell you if you need to take a step back and pursue additional training first.

The Lawler Group – Industrial Sales Recruiters in Milwaukee

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