Looking For A Job In Industrial Sales? Recruiters In Milwaukee Can Help

A career in industrial sales is often just that: a career. Very few people will be able to walk into a facility that manufactures chemicals or conveyors andindustrial sales recruiters milwaukee land a sales job, even if they have prior experience in outside sales in a different industry. Industrial sales recruiters in Milwaukee have a pulse on the field and know who’s hiring and precisely what type of candidate is needed to fill the role. They even have access to unpublished job listings that you would not be able to otherwise apply for.

If you’re looking for an industrial sales position in Milwaukee, here’s how a professional recruiter can help.

Use An Industrial Sales Recruiter

This may sound like a no-brainer, but just like how a CPA might specialize in corporate accounting or individual tax preparation, good recruiters specialize in niche industries as well. A recruiter who specializes in placing executive assistants and marketing managers is not who you want to help you find a highly-specialized industrial sales job.

Determine If You Are Qualified

The reason the industrial sales field can be difficult to break into is because of its technical nature. Technical or engineering degrees are often preferred in addition to the typical sales experience background, as representatives must know how to effectively disseminate technical information and communicate seamlessly between the manufacturer, distributors and end users. While a proven track record as an outside pharmaceuticals rep may get you a job selling specialty chemicals, a previous job selling Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is not likely to help you land a job selling HVAC equipment.

Update Your Resume

Enlisting the services of industrial sales recruiters in Milwaukee can be a tremendous asset when it’s time to update your resume. Provided you have the necessary experience, knowledge and training, a recruiter can help you word your resume so that it catches the eye of firms looking to hire.

Ask Your Industrial Sales Recruiter About Unpublished Job Listings

Keep in mind that industrial sales recruiters often work under one of two models: commission or retainer. In either case, they ultimately work for the businesses that are looking to hire, and they have access to all of the available jobs in your area – published and unpublished. Don’t be afraid to ask if there are any positions available that you haven’t heard of, and don’t be afraid to sell yourself if you think you’re the best candidate for the job. A qualified candidate who is also confident is a valuable asset to recruiters, and they may be more likely to make you privy to a position they’ve been holding onto until just the right candidate came along.

Industrial Sales Recruiters In Milwaukee Can Help You Open More Doors

If you have experience in industrial sales and are looking for a new job, contact the industrial sales recruiters in Milwaukee at the Lawler Group. We have the pulse on the industry and can help place qualified candidates in top-paying jobs. To learn more, email tim@lawlergroup.com or call (262) 241-1600.