If You Are New To Industrial Sales, Recruiters In Milwaukee Can Help

If you’re looking for a job in industrial sales, recruiters in Milwaukee post positions that will offer some guidance for your own search. You may notice that some ads are brief, while some are extensive in their requirements. It is a good idea to peruse postings from the Lawler Group to guide your own job search and ascertain what is required in most job descriptions.


What Job Postings Require


Ads that appear online or in print list the minimum requirements, as well as what a company hopes to find in a new employee. With a particular budget in mind, the company may be doing a bit of fishing to see what they can get for their investment. Some requirements may be absolute, while there may be flexibility regarding what a candidate has to offer on other points.


Job postings for industrial sales often include common requirements such as:


  • Sales experience
  • Industry experience
  • Education
  • Years of experience
  • Geographic location
  • Computer skills
  • Communication skills
  • Specific knowledge and credentials


Industrial Sales Recruiters In Milwaukee Offer Insights On Job Requirements


For some positions, a firm might be willing to hire a trainee or a person who has less experience or education than preferred. One of the best ways to find out what is really required is to make an appointment is to talk with industrial sales recruiters in Milwaukee. They often know the specifics on their advertised jobs and can fill you in as to whether skills that you do have may transfer to a particular job.


If the ad lists that a candidate should have specific credentials that are required in the industry or experience doing specific types of activities, there is less likelihood that the company will take less. A firm that wants someone with a chemistry degree and 10 years of technical sales experience selling additives in the food industry is unlikely to select you if you cannot offer comparable competence.


Adjusting Your Resume


A recruiter, as well as many online sources, can give you tips on how to design your resume to demonstrate how your skills might relate to a position. Lying on your resume, in your cover letter, or in interview to overstate your experience is never a good idea, but if you have substantive skills in is a different area, you may be able to show that they are transferable. A prospective employer might be willing to accept someone who can demonstrate that they have an aptitude for a specific job.


Reinventing Yourself


If you really want to get into a new field, you may have to reinvent yourself. This often requires you to develop a long-term and a short-term job strategy, which means you may have to take a job in something else while you prepare for your dream field. If you want a sales position in the oil and gas industry, but lack a degree or any relevant experience, you might look toward acquiring some credentials in the area.


Short of acquiring a degree, you can take a class on oilfield operations at a community college, pursue some industry training, or join a local chapter as an affiliate of professionals working in the industry and participate in events. It might take you a few months to complete a course or develop networking contacts, but this will show prospective employers that you know the basics, are willing to learn more, and are trainable for certain jobs in the industry.


The Lawler Group Can Help You


Industrial sales can be an excellent way to use some of the specific academic knowledge you learned in school or utilize your presentation and communication skills. For help in finding a job in the area or learning more about whether you qualify for current openings, contact the industrial sales recruiters in Milwaukee at the Lawler Group.