Resume Tips by a Milwaukee HeadhunterWriting a resume can be incredibly stressful. Job seekers spend hours making sure they’ve crafted the perfect resume that highlights their skills and previous job experience. However, if you’ve been out of the work force for a while or you’ve been in the same position for a few years, it can be difficult to know just how to create a resume that will get you noticed. Before you start applying for new jobs, use these tips from a Milwaukee headhunter to create the perfect resume.

Tips From A Milwaukee Headhunter: Create A Separate Resume For Each Position

When you’re looking for jobs within a specific industry, it can be tempting to apply for jobs in bulk using the exact resume and cover letter. However, this is a terrible idea, according to a Milwaukee headhunter. Sure, you’ll be able to apply for a number of jobs all at once, but chances are good that your application will be ignored because it seems like a standard, boring resume. Instead, take a critical look at the job description for the position you’re applying for and tailor each resume for the exact position. If it requires managerial experience, make sure to mention how many people you supervised in a previous role. If the job wants knowledge in a specific software program, make sure this experience is highlighted.

Tips From A Milwaukee Headhunter: Make Sure To Include Your Achievements And Accomplishments

Next, make sure that your resume includes any achievements and accomplishments from your previous employers. If you can, try to apply concrete numbers to these achievements. For instance, if you were directly responsible for 90% customer retention, advertise it! Also, be sure to let a Milwaukee headhunter know if you were promoted ahead of time or given faster than normal salary increases. This is your time to sell yourself! A Milwaukee headhunter will only take a quick glance at your resume so it’s important that you give them actual reasons why you’re better than your competition.

Tips From A Milwaukee Headhunter: Include Relevant Volunteer Information

If your job experience is light or you have volunteer experience that’s relevant to the job you’re applying for, make sure to include it! For instance, if you’re applying for an event planning job and you have direct experience planning a charity event for a local school or community organization, it doesn’t matter if you weren’t paid for this job. Be sure to include the end result of the event, especially if it raised a specific amount of money for the organization.

Tips From a Milwaukee Headhunter: Don’t Forget To Include Any Published Material

If you were responsible for writing any marketing collateral, white papers or reports for your company, don’t forget to include it. If the content is published online, make it easy for the HR representative to find it by including a direct link or the title and site that the content is on. When your HR representative can do a little research on your background before an interview, they’ll be able to ask you specific questions about your experience, which can increase your chances of landing the job.

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