Getting Your Resume Past The 6-10 Second Mark At A Recruiting Firm

Trying to get a job using a recruiting firm? No matter how good an impression you can make in person, your first task is to get your resume noticed. This document, which lists your credentials, is the key for admission to the hiring funnel whereby many applicants are narrowed to a few candidates and ultimately one is selected. A mistake can take you out of the running in as little as 6 to 10 seconds.

How To Make Your CV Stand Out To A Recruiting Firm

Milwaukee recruiting firmFor many jobs, there can be hundreds of applicants. A candidate who hopes to be a serious contender must know the ins and outs of modern hiring practices. According to Dr. John Sullivan, Silicon Valley hiring specialist, it’s easy for even a good candidate to get lost in the shuffle. Even having a perfect resume will not guarantee getting an interview or being hired, candidates can improve their chances if they follow a few tips.

Accept the fact that competition is fierce. Major job sites such as receive upwards of 400,000 resumes each week for all jobs, with an average of 250 for each job posted. Many postings receive at least one application within five minutes. Being first in guarantees nothing, however.

Often, incoming resumes for particular job go into a virtual hiring funnel that cuts hundreds of job applications down to those selected for further consideration, for interviews and ultimately hiring. A position that attracted 1,000 views might attract over 200 applicants, but only 75 get to a recruiter for closer scrutiny, while 25 go on to the hiring manager, 4-6 will be invited for an interview, and maybe a few will be in the final group for consideration. Only one person will get the job. As a candidate, your challenge is to get past automatic scanning software into the hands of a recruiter and then to survive that surveillance to make it to the next step.

Gone In 6-10 Seconds

Whether you are talking about a machine or human, resume scanning is a quick process. What scanners look for are indications that you might be a match for the position, so past job titles, employers, work dates, and education must be in line with what the company wants. The other things that initial scanning picks up are keywords that indicate job skills. A recruiter may devote as few as 6 to 10 seconds to pick up enough information to decide whether to move your CV on to the next step.

If the resume survives the hiring funnel up to this point, a recruiter may spend more time on it, but may discard it if it contains any spelling or grammar errors. While this may sound heartless to you as a job candidate, the recruiter is looking for people who are likely to be a good fit.

Tips For Resume Survival

The statistics make it clear that resumes must survive enormous numeric odds. Here are a few ways to set up your CV to improve the chances of making it through the process:

  • Use a standard template in a scannable format. Submitting your resume in a PDF file usually dooms it to the trash. Look online for good templates that emphasize the information that recruiters need
  • Fill your resume with relevant keywords.
  • Follow directions for submitting the documents
  • Submit an error free resume and cover letter

Recruiting firms are always on the lookout for good candidates but to be considered, you must submit a resume that will get you to the interview stage in six seconds.