interview tips from executive recruitersHere at Lawler Group, as a leading executive search firm in Milwaukee, we know firsthand that successfully taking a candidate from “searching” to “starting” means carefully managing a vast array of moving parts. Some of these components can prove more challenging than others. One key factor that many of our candidates feel slightly apprehensive about as they navigate through the hiring process with our executive search firm is going on a candidate interview.

Yes, it’s no secret that the candidate interview process can feel overwhelming, even to a highly competent candidate. However, you can achieve success during the screening experience. Following a few simple tips can streamline the entire process and help you walk into any interview with confidence.

Work With Your Executive Search Firm In Milwaukee To Prepare

What is the first step in successfully working the candidate interview circuit? Connect with your chosen executive search firm in Milwaukee. Here at Lawler Group, we work hard to understand all of our hiring companies’ needs and requirements. We pride ourselves on digging deep with every organization to not only understand the tangible skills being looked for, but also to gain knowledge on some of the more intangible qualifications. Corporate culture, managerial style, and path for advancement are just some of the many different details that we work hard to understand during our partnership.

How does this help with your candidate interview? When teaming with our executive search firm in Milwaukee, we will carefully partner with you before every interview to discuss the parameters of the job, as well as how to best prepare for the interview process. No matter where you submit your resume, our goal is to make sure you have the best interview experience possible.

Other Ways To Prep For Success During The Candidate Screening

Beyond working with our executive search firm in Milwaukee, there are other ways to carefully prep for success during the interview process. One key tip to help the experience progress as smoothly as possible is to dress the part. Some candidates assume that they can dress according to the current dress code at their interviewing company. This is not true. Unless specifically told otherwise, even when screening at a very casual organization, you should always dress professionally to make the best impression possible.

Also, when meeting with various hiring personnel at the organization, it’s important to be aware of your body language. Slouching, folding your arms across your body and not making eye contact can instantly disrupt the flow of the meeting, as well as make you appear unapproachable. Sit up straight, offer a firm handshake and make eye contact to drive home how interested you are in the position.

Finally, when interviewing for any position, it’s important to make sure you listen as much as you speak, maybe more so. Resist the urge to fill in silences with babble. Instead listen to some of the details being shared; they could offer invaluable tidbits on what you can expect from the position once you are hired.


If you are looking to partner with a leading executive search firm in Milwaukee, Lawler Group should be your first call. Let us help you with your next professional move today!