So you decided to take that headhunter’s initial call and work with executive search firms in Milwaukee. You met with your recruiter and you think things are going great except, but you’re not getting a call back.importance of executive recruiters

Why You Might Not Get A Callback

You feel that you’re made for this position, so why isn’t the executive recruiter calling you back? There could be a lot of reasons why the recruiter or recruiting firm that you’ve chosen to work with aren’t contacting you. Here are some problems and solutions that might help you get your next callback.

Your Skills Are Not Clearly Stated

Sometimes we’re not as clear as we should be when presenting our skills and ourselves. You have to make sure your as clear and concise as possible in order to convey a clear message to your recruiter and their client; your potential future employer.

Your Email Subject Heading Could Slow Things Down

If your subject heading is vague or you don’t refer to what you’re specifically asking or telling, your e-mail may end up in the spam folder. Specific is always better!

Your Resume Is Not Concise Enough

Employers and recruiters usually just glance at resumes. If they’re not concise and clear, they’re likely to be tossed to the side. Make sure you include your employers, positions, tenure, and brief bullet points regarding the job you’re applying for. This will give a better picture of who you are as an employee at a glance, because that’s all you have at this stage.

You Didn’t Proofread Your Work

Nothing says, “discard pile” like a bunch of spelling and grammar errors. Read and re-read your work, make corrections as necessary. The best thing to do is have a trusted peer look at your work becuase a new set of eyes can always catch errors that you can’t.

You Used Words Like “Worst” And Best”

Without supporting evidence, these superlatives will be perceived as bragging, or worse yet false. It also suggests that you may have an ego that precedes you and this might make you difficult to work with. Be honest about your work, but don’t use emotional language like superlatives; be factual and not opinionated or at lest don’t sound opinionated.

How Can You Fix The Situation?

Take the first step and follow up with the Lawler Group recruiter that you spoke with. Clarify what is going on. Because these problems may very well be the issue, but it could also be that your recruiter is swamped and you haven’t given him or her a chance to follow up. If your recruiter does clarify that he or she thinks that you’re not a good fit, gather as much information as you can and ask to be considered for future positions. But before you do, make sure to revise your resume and cover letter, make sure to have someone else proofread. You might consider hiring an editor. This is different from a resume writing service, because they review your work, rather than writing a possibly formulaic resume and cover letter for you. This may just put you back in the race again for the next available position.

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