Deciding to earn a degree in the field of engineering brings with it endless potential job opportunities. Here at The Lawler Group, we know firsthand that this distinctive field, with its many specific categories of study, offers graduates an extensive range of prospects for a long and prosperous career. From recent grads to candidates firmly established in their chosen engineering field, there is always a litany of openings for viable candidates, regardless of the climate of the current hiring market.


Engineering Recruiters Can Help Candidates Stop Spinning Wheels


While it’s true that candidates with an engineering degree are qualified for extensive hiring opportunities, many applicants still find themselves struggling to successfully land a job. Why? Because, all too often, even the most experienced and highly qualified applicants simply don’t have the time or resources available to dig through the virtually endless onslaught of opportunities listed online. They quickly realize that many of the “current” job prospects they’ve spent time applying to have actually been filled for weeks, or longer. Worse yet, many talented engineers do find current job opportunities that they are a perfect fit for, only to find that they can’t break through the many internal “gatekeepers” to get their resume viewed by the appropriate hiring manager.


Key Things To Look For When Finding Professional Engineering Recruiters


Fortunately, partnering with a firm of expert engineering recruiters, such as The Lawler Group, can help eliminate wasting time throughout your job search. If you’re tired of constantly meeting an employment search dead end, working with a top quality team of engineering recruiters can give you the competitive edge you need to successfully land your next job. While the benefits of working with engineering recruiters are undeniable, it’s important to note that finding a front-running, innovative firm that’s worthy of your business is critical to your overall job search success. Knowing what to look for when seeking engineering recruiters can help ensure that you entrust your employment search to the right organization.


The first thing to look for during your search for engineering recruiters is a firm that has a solid reputation and industry credibility. If a firm is local, always ask for an in-person meeting with the engineering recruiters who will be representing you throughout the job search. If you’re teaming with a long-distance firm, a phone conversation is a must. Always ask your provider about their time in business and their spectrum of capabilities, and conduct as much online research as needed to ascertain just how established and professional any particular firm is.


Additionally, never partner with engineering recruiters who ask for an upfront payment from you. At The Lawler Group, we pride ourselves on never asking for payment from our candidates. We work hard on your behalf to find a great placement fit without requiring any fees or other expenses from you. Instead, we negotiate our fees directly with the client that hires you.


Finally, always look for engineering recruiters who truly want to partner with you throughout the hiring process. All too often, less reputable placement firms will blindly submit candidates to jobs that they aren’t a fit for, or worse yet, the candidates aren’t interested in. Only entrust your job search to a team that truly understands your specific skills, experience and opportunity preferences to ensure that you’re working with a team that has your best interests as their top priority.

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