Headhunter MilwaukeeMost people know that headhunters in Milwaukee can help them find a great job, but that doesn’t mean that they know how to find a headhunter! If you’re interested in finding a new position within your industry or making a complete career switch, use these tips to help you find headhunters in Milwaukee that can help make your job search a successful one.

Find Headhunters In Milwaukee: Expand Your LinkedIn Portfolio

One great way to find headhunters in Milwaukee is to expand your LinkedIn portfolio. LinkedIn is the social media website that’s designed for professional networking, which means that it’s an ideal way to connect with headhunters in Milwaukee. Make sure that your profile includes industry buzzwords that can make it easy for a headhunter to find you, but don’t rely on them! Instead, search for your own connections and send a request to join their network. Many headhunters in Milwaukee will reach out via LinkedIn when they have an opening they’re trying to fill.

Find Headhunters In Milwaukee: Look For One In Your Specific Industry

It’s not uncommon for headhunters in Milwaukee to focus on one specific industry. This enables them to better match applicants with positions, leading to a better experience for both the job seeker and the company. For instance, it doesn’t make any sense to look for a headhunter who focuses on filling sales jobs if you’re looking for a position in management.

Find Headhunters In Milwaukee: Talk To Friends In Your Industry

Another way to find headhunters in Milwaukee who are focused on your industry is to talk to friends who are already in there. Some of them may have found their own jobs through a headhunter and can refer you to one. Be careful, however, about asking current coworkers for advice. If your management team gets wind that you’re looking for a new job, it could lead to problems in your current position. Try to keep it a secret that you’re looking for a new position or else you could find yourself without a job at all!

Find Headhunters In Milwaukee: Look Online

If you’re unable to find a headhunter via LinkedIn and can’t ask your coworkers, a simple Internet search should help you find headhunters in Milwaukee. Search the term “headhunter” with a variety of keywords relevant to your industry. When these terms are combined, it should be easier to find headhunters in Milwaukee who hire for positions in your industry.

A headhunter can help enhance your job search and lead to finding a job more quickly, as long as you know how to find one! Use these tips to find a headhunter in your industry and you can shorten the time it takes to land a new position.

If you’re a job seeker who’s looking for a position, turn to the Lawler Group. The headhunters in Milwaukee have a variety of positions open in locations throughout the country in a variety of industries. Visit our website to see currently open positions or call them at 262-241-1600 to learn more.