Resume Tips from RecruitersA well-written and properly formatted resume is still one of the key tools at an applicant’s disposal for putting their best foot forward when applying for a job. But if you’ve recently applied for a position, there’s a good chance that the first round of applicant screening was carried out by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This technology is used by both employers and recruiters in Milwaukee as the first level of screening to select candidates most likely to be considered for a given position.

With the advent of this fairly new and evolving technology, The Lawler Group often teams with candidates to help them better understand how these systems operate, and the things they can do to ensure their resume will make it through this initial screening.

Well Chosen And Properly Utilized Keywords

In the early days of ATS technology the best way to get your resume noticed by the system was to repeatedly utilize the same keywords within the text. If the position required someone with database experience, simply having the word “database” in your resume a few times gave you a good chance of being considered for the job.

The systems used today by employers and recruiters in Milwaukee are more advanced, and stuffing keywords into your documents won’t yield the same results. Improved coding allows modern ATS to comprehend the context in which words are presented, meaning that it’s of increasing importance that applicants fully explain and backup their skills with examples of their use in the field.

To further ensure a match to the programed search terms of the ATS, the posted job description should be used to tailor the language of a resume to the specific position being applied for. Contextualized searching means that the overall message within an application is more likely to be understood, but that doesn’t mean careful attention shouldn’t still be paid to using the right keywords within a resume.

Proper Formatting

Resume format has always been a hot button issue for job seekers. While the basic rules of clear categories and thorough but concise information should still be followed, additional care must be taken to ensure that your application documents don’t cause problems for the applicant tracking system. Potentially problematic elements like images, graphics, borders and uncommon fonts or text formatting can all cause a resume to be prematurely rejected if a system isn’t programmed to recognize them.

Proofreading Remains Vital

It should go without saying, but diligent proofing is still an important part of creating a successful resume. ATS technology has made this step even more valuable as the system will often not recognize misspelled words. In that same vein, modern online abbreviations and shorthand should also be avoided.

Recruiters In Milwaukee Who Understand The Application Process

At The Lawler Group, we understand that preparing a resume to meet the ever-changing standards of both hiring managers and ATS can be a daunting process. We work closely with candidates to give them the information and resources they need to best represent themselves to businesses in every industry. If you have questions about how to best prepare your application documents, contact us today.