Milwaukee Executive Recruiting FirmHiring the perfect executive candidate can be a confusing process, especially for many companies that only need to hire an executive every once in a while. The process is quite different than hiring a regular worker, which means it’s easy to make mistakes in the hiring process. The Lawler Group, one of the top executive recruiting firms in Milwaukee, has put together a list of common mistakes that can help your company ensure you’re hiring the right candidate.

Executive Recruiting Firms In Milwaukee Don’t Want You To Take Too Long To Hire

One of the most frustrating parts of any job search is how long it takes companies to make a decision. If you’re looking to hire the best candidate, it’s important to realize that you’re probably not the only company they’re interviewing. Taking too long to make a decision could mean that your preferred candidate might just take a position with another company, leaving you with your second or even third choice options.

Executive Recruiting Firms In Milwaukee Caution Against Focusing Entirely On Salary

Salary is important, that’s true. However, when you’re looking to hire an executive, there are many other ways to sweeten the deal. Stock options, additional vacation days and other added benefits can all mean more to a potential executive than numbers on a paycheck. If you’re not sure what your potential executive is looking for in salary and other benefits, make sure to just come out and ask.

Not Looking For Talent In The Right Places? Executive Recruiting Firms In Milwaukee Are

Executives are often happy in their jobs. They’ve probably worked their way up, whether through the company’s own corporate ladder or through experience in other firms. Many of them aren’t interested in changing their position, that is, until opportunity knocks. These executives aren’t pouring over job search websites — they’re finding out about openings through networking events. This is why it’s not enough to throw up an ad on your local job board. When you partner with executive recruiting firms in Milwaukee, these recruiters are in tune with the local job market, as well as which executives might be ready to make a move if the offer is right.

Executive Recruiting Firms In Milwaukee Know Sometimes You Need To Take A Risk

Sometimes candidates look great on paper — they meet every criterion. However, sometimes you find a candidate whose resume has a few holes. If you get a good feeling about a candidate, consider an interview anyway. Candidates who may not meet every single qualification are often eager to grow with a position, which can mean that they can be molded to fit a company’s needs exactly.

If the hiring process seems to be a confusing one, turn to executive recruiting firms in Milwaukee. The Lawler Group has the experience necessary to help your company find the ideal candidate, no matter what your requirements are. To learn more about the company’s hiring process, please us at