Can your company benefit from using headhunters in Milwaukee? The job marketplace is changing so rapidly that for most business, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” The Lawler Group knows the trends and welcomes the opportunity to bring the best talent to your door.

Approaching The Year Of The Candidate

After years of a tough job market, we are enteringMilwaukee Headhunters new job search the era of the jobseeker. Josh Bersin, prominent HR researcher and advisor, dubbed 2014 “The Year of the Employee,” while the Association of Graduate Recruiters label 2015 “The Year of the Candidate.” As companies strive to fill positions, why the shift in focus?

In an improving economy, many companies are ready to hire for positions that were on hold in less optimistic times. Potential candidates, who held off looking for a job in a depressed market, are ready to seek better positions. While this might seem to make it easy for internal human resources departments to attract talent, other obstacles within the marketplace make it more challenging for internal staff.,

How Headhunters In Milwaukee May Be Better Prepared To Meet The New Challenges

Employers need workers with more diverse skill sets than in the past, and finding the right people can be challenging. Headhunters may be better equipped to see the larger picture and have a broad talent pool to fish from.

  • For example, many companies are discovering that social media is a great avenue to promote their business, which has made it a great market for those who have effective networking skills. Since this marketing method has come into prominence in the last few years, those with expertise cannot offer decades of experience in the field. So, there is competition for candidates with “the right stuff”, rather than years of experience. Because headhunters have worked through this challenge with many clients, they are often able find these candidate more quickly.
  • Certain fields requiring backgrounds in science, technology, and math, are particularly hard to fill. Finding a good match may require searching beyond the local area. While job boards and social media make it is easier for candidates from around the world to familiarize themselves with local positions; headhunters who specialize in these searches may be more able to court geographically diverse candidates.
  • Other industries, such as health care are changing rapidly. There are new opportunities arising for those who can help hospitals, insurers, and other service providers meet the challenges of implementing the Affordable Care Act.

Find Help Identifying Talent

Locating talent is just part of the hiring process, but it’s a key part. Let the Lawler Group help you find the right candidates. For information, contact us today.