Have Technical Talent? Manufacturing Recruiters In Milwaukee Need YouIf you are looking for a job in a field where you can make a positive contribution to our economy, consider jobs in the manufacturing field. Although manufacturing was in decline for a time as many jobs moved overseas in pursuit of cheaper labor rates and operating costs, the tide is turning. Many companies are realizing that outsourcing work abroad has its own set of problems. Checking opportunities with manufacturing recruiters in Milwaukee at The Lawler Group will open your eyes to many possibilities.


A New Breed Of Manufacturing Employees


Modern manufacturing jobs require a broader package of skills than in the past, even at entry-level. For those with experience and education, supervisory, mid-management, and executive level jobs await to manage departments, divisions, and entire companies. Candidates who walk in the door with mathematical skills will progress further on the shop floor, while those who know or can learn factory automation systems, modern inventory systems based on value and reduction, green manufacturing, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, and other popular systems can easily advance in the company.


This is the era of advanced manufacturing. As noted in a recent report by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, advanced manufacturing techniques will lead to new ways of making existing products, as well as innovation in product development. Success depends on using and coordinating “information, automation, computation, software, sensing, and networking, and/or make use of the cutting-edge of materials and emerging capabilities enabled by the physical and biological sciences, including nanotechnology, chemistry, and biology.”


Overseas Opportunities


Even if working in a production atmosphere doesn’t interest you, modern manufacturing plants offer many opportunities for other professionals to use their skills. There is a need for accounting and finance professionals, computer system designers and programmers, engineers of all types, human resources professionals, sales and marketing personnel, and scientists of all types to support manufacturing. As in many other fields, those with skills, education, and experience in STEM areas of science, technology, engineering, and math are in high demand.


For candidates who love the thought of traveling abroad, manufacturing recruiters often have opportunities overseas. We are still operating in a global economy, and although some manufacturers are bringing part of their production back home, many have factories spread around the globe that may need onsite management help or occasional visits from the home team. Manufacturing personnel, even if based in the states, also need the communication skills to work with an international base of suppliers and coworkers.


Work With Manufacturing Recruiters In Milwaukee


With opportunities available in every section of the country, as well as abroad, a talented person can make a great career in manufacturing. Whether it is your goal to be on the shop floor, in an R&D lab, or in the C-suite, The Lawler Group, an experienced recruiting firm, can help you find your ideal position, whether you want to be based in Sacramento or Shanghai. Contact our engineering recruiters today at 262-241-1600.